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100% clear vision
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Hello, how you been?

The nature will thank you one day!

The score right now, in rebuilding petrol cars into ethanol powered cars,since oct 7, 2021, when I first wrote about it.
Congratulations world!
(USA 1,22 million cars lining up, China 975 000 cars lining up)

1. USA 174 700 rebuilt cars, with 1,22 million lining up.
2. China 170 000 rebuilt cars, with 975 000 lining up.
3. Russia 78 560 rebuilt cars, with 31 000 lining up.
4. United Kingdom 78 510 rebuilt cars, with 60 000 lining up.
5. Japan 8550 rebuilt cars, with 12 000 lining up.
6. Brazil 7500 rebult cars, with 7500 lining up.
7. Ukraine 4700 rebuilt cars, with 750 lining up.
8. Australia 3500 rebuilt cars, with 6000 lining up.
9. Argentina 2990 rebuilt cars, with 5500 lining up.
10. Canada 2500 rebuilt cars, with 4500 lining up.
11. Germany 2400 rebuilt cars, with 4000 lining up.

12. Ireland 2000 rebuilt cars, with 7000 lining up.
13. France 1700 rebuilt cars, with 10 700 lining up.
14. Mexico 1650 rebuilt cars, with 4752 lining up.
15. Sweden 1502 rebuilt cars, with 4000 lining up.
16. Italy 1407 rebuilt cars, with 500 lining up.
17. Spain 950 rebuilt cars, with 4500 lining up.
18. Denmark 860 rebuilt cars, with 2000 lining up.
19. Indonesia 850 rebuilt cars, with 2000 lining up.
20. Philippines 780 rebuilt cars, with 1000 lining up.

21. Finland 602 rebuilt cars, with 990 lining up.
22. Iceland 550 rebuilt cars, with 1500 lining up.
23. India 502 rebuilt cars, with 7000 lining up.
24. Monaco 495 rebuilt cars, with 500 lining up.
25. Iran 475 rebuilt cars, with 2000 lining up.
26. Switzerland 460 rebuilt cars, with 2000 lining up.
27. Iraq 450 rebuilt cars, with 220 lining up.
28. South Africa 440 rebuilt cars, with 4000 lining up.
29. Korea 430 rebuilt cars, with 400 lining up.
30. Norway 330 rebuilt cars, with 10 lining up.

The best car fuel for the planet
The first invented car was run on ethanol, totally without car exhaust. It’s more benefits, it’s easier to drive than a car on petrol, accelerates faster than a car on petrol, it’s easier to turn than a car on petrol, low price.
Ethanol is on the market – right now 75% lower price than petrol.
Your old car can easily transform to an ethanol powered car, by a specialist in rebuilding cars into ethanol powered cars. The car rebuild can take between 2-6 hours, for tracks 4-10 hours.
Remember were you read it first.

January 2022, Uppsala,Sweden
wild horses, Brazil

Lyrics Änglamark/Angel land

Call it angel land or heavenly earth if you will
The land we inherited and the grove, the green
Wild roses and bluebells and linden flowers and chamomile
Let them live, they are so beautiful

Let the children dance like angels around maple and elm
Play peek-a-boo between flowering branches
Let the birds fly and sing for us their psalm
Let fish swim among piers and rocks

Stop eradicating all forest animals
Let the eagle fly, let the deer run
Let the last river, which roars in our nature
Still roaring between mountains and spruce and pine

Call it angel land or heavenly earth if you will
The land we inherited and the grove, the green
Wild roses and bluebells and linden flowers and chamomile
Let them live, they are so beautiful

Änglamark/Angel land – Artister för miljö/Artists for nature
Vocals – Frida Lyngstad,Håkan Hagegård,Marie Fredriksson,Tomas Ledin.
Wtitten by Evert Taube

Starry sky, Roslagen,Sweden

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100% clear vision

Hello, how you been?

For a week ago we discovered something important, and during the week we looked deeper to it and found it’s already a catastrophe and is near a even a bigger catastrophe.

Save Arctic/North Pole

Resource extraction, oil, gas, minerals, needs to be forbidden at Arctic/North Pole, just as it already is at Antarctic/South Pole.
While I’m writing this came 700 oil-angels by, 700 planet-angels, 700 natural gas-angels and 700 methane-angels came by from Arctic/North Pole. They told us that it’s important to forbidden immediately. The North Pole’s angels informed us further.
Both Arctic/North Pole and Antarctica/South Pole needs to be untouched, cause otherwise can it dislodge the planet/earth out of its orbit in universe.
Already has the planet/earth dislodged 0,47% in its orbit.
1% dislodges of the planet in its orbit can dislodge the planet out of its orbit in universe.
Oil shall never be removed from the planet’s interior, it’s the planet’s blood. It’s important to understand that the oil resource at both North Pole and South Pole needs to lay still, otherwise can it make the planet unbalanced and take it out of its orbit in universe.

If we stop picking up oil and natural gas from Arctic/North Pole will it lower the temperature with more than 1,5 degrees in 2-12 months. After a time will it lower the temperature very much. That depends on that if you are picking up oil will flames of fire from the planet’s deeper interior come closer to the earth’s surface, and that is of course also the reason why the polar ice has melted much.

The natural gas resource is also very important, the planet is breathing it, like humans are breathing oxygen.

The best wellbeing for the planet is to never take away oil or gas from the planet’s interior, nowhere at the planet.
The methane in the planet’s interior is also important, it prevents the oil and gas from exploding.

The oil-angels, planet-angels, natural gas-angels and methane-angels are crying when they say: Save the planet/earth from trilling out of its orbit, it could be the fact in just 2 months. Believe us, we are really scared and that’s why we came so quick when Lahealila and sky-army were talking about the area, we felt it in our heart.

Please, pray with us, it’s about the planet’s survival.
Save the planet/earth from trilling out of its orbit by immediately stop taking up oil and natural gas from Arctic/North Pole. Dear God help us to change this!

This polar bear is a close friend to the North Pole’s angels. Do you see the polar fox to the left in the polar bear’s fur, near his foreleg?
It’s his friend, a polar fox who died for 4-5 months ago, but still is with his friend, he’s also a close friend to the North Pole’s angels. They are so cute together, they are here astral right now and are also saying, save the earth by stop picking up oil from our place Arctic/North Pole, it’s our home!!

arctic,north pole,polar-bear,milkyway,
Arctic, North Pole
Arctic, North Pole

Only authentic photo, I promise you. A little Northern Lights, Aurora borealis at Arctic, North Pole. The tree was just standing there in the sea, but right there was the water only one meter deep.


Have a really mice evening or a really nice day, depending on where you are!

love/Lahealila, team, sky-army, sea-angels by Värmdö/Stockholm, seawaves-angels by northsea/Sweden, space-army, Hoijasajama(Sea-God from messier 32 galaxy), the North Pole’s angels, the polar bear and the polar fox.

Surrendering all

publish 18.20 timezone Stockholm

100% clear vision


Today it´s sunny and 25 degrees in Stockholm,even sunny all week.


Now we/God is with us” have stopped totally 37 nuclear bombs,some of them we/army/God/Lahealila/team stopped during the production. It is the alien “terrorist organization” MP who is behind the bombs.

1807 aliens have now died from the alien “terrorist organization” MP, 20 have reached understanding and retreated.

For some days ago, I/Lahealila discovered the moon in wrong direction,I said to team to check it out!

The moon had moved sharply off it´s orbit. Tell God about it,I said to team,army. God came,and saw together with the army,it was on account off the nuclear bomb,I told you about latest.

I said to God,team,army,you must check out if the sun too have moved off it`s orbit? After awhile they saw,the sun too had moved off it´s orbit.

God made ropes,then army,team,God surrounded the moon,the sun,draw them to right position in their orbit.

The planet,earth soul came by while I´m writing this,and says, thank you Lahealila for discovering this,sun,moon, wants to thank you so much too. I love you Lahealila. And thank so very much,Lahealila,for taking away my heavy headache,coused by a heavy lightning hitting my soul-head,I feel fine again,but I want nuclear bombs,missiles,other bombs, and nuclear power plants to be strongly forbidden! I hope you all listening now,take care of the planet/earth. I love my planet so unbelievable much/living earth soul

Please pray to protect our planet,the sun,the moon,heavenly heaven,our galaxy milkyway with all planets,suns,moons.


On request from a reader,Los Angeles/USA,this blog visits statistics: 3,1 millions visits/last 24 hours, 21,5 millions visits/last 7 days. Soon,the aliens who change the numbers in the statistics,will be gone. 83% of the visits are from USA,but 3,65 millions are from the rest of the world. Thank you all for joyning this,thank so much for all your prayers.

Note by june 16, 11.30 timezone Stockholm: Now this blog have 8 millions visits/last 24 hours.

The Dark Hedges/Ireland
Ribblehead viaduct/Ingleton,England,UK
Stella beach,Hauts de France
Isle of skye,Scotland,UK
Princes pier,Melbourne/Australia
Lugu lake/Yunnan,China
Rio de Janeiro ,Brazil
Cameron,tea plantage,Malaysia
Dubai,United Arab Emirates

Music is a peaceful,powerful weapon.

I love this song so much,when we played it in the morning,where 52 aliens nearby,instantly they died.

National anthem,Sweden


Love peace/Lahealila,team,Tussilago,army,God

Horses stolen to another galaxy

publish 21.37 timezone Stockholm

100% clear vision


Yesterday I said to my team/skyhorse, we must check if there are any animals stolen from our galaxy to other galaxies.
After a few seconds we saw a zeppelin on one of andromeda galaxy´s planets, the one further away, on board was a single bird who told us that aliens recently had stolen him and 38 more birds/Stockholm/Sweden, and 4 horses/Texas,USA + one bird/Texas.

Team filled the zeppelin with a few stolen birds and the stolen horses, they stood near eating grass, and rulede the zeppelin to milkyway again,and to Stockholm with birds,and to Texas with horses.
The animals are so grateful to be home again!

Now 2 from team are at andromeda collecting all stolen birds home to milkyway,they are doing a fantastic job!


The aliens stole many birds here by the lake,Söderbysjön in Stockholm,near where I live.

Söderbysjön,south Stockholm/Sweden
Some crows were stolen

We still have problems with a huge number of aliens ………

Please pray for security for everyone on earth and against lightning, air raid. Protection for all animals on earth and in heaven, and also for buildings.


Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe

they are from Sweden


write-ups tomorrow