still loving you


We still have support from Billy Idol, Ashton, Axl Rose.

Since Jesus still is stalking Lahealila we recently decided to anesthesia him, he even distroy this webzite statistics on several places for example on bloggportalen where visitors now are up at 730000/week but it doesn´t show at all.

One of the cat we decited to save so instead of cremate it will have brain-surgery so he forgot his behavior. We hope it will ends well.

Jagger dedicate this song to Lahealila

Scorpions – Still Loving You


can’t fight this feeling


clairvoyant view

Tonight Jagger wants to support

Last 48 hours has 7 passed away and 40 fainted so folks continue with prayers.

Andomeda galaxy is lower-energy galaxy and are forbidden enter upon our galaxy milkyway`s zones.

Pray for all safety and that our galaxy milkyway`s zones shall remain close against andromeda galaxy.

Mick and Rod took Doggie to the cremation so now he stops stalking Lahealila, it doesn´t always turn out well with human-insiering on dogs. R.I.P.

chosen by Jagger dedicated for Lahealila

REO Speedwagon – Can’t Fight This Feeling


patti smith/full andromeda


latest news

This evening we are support astral by Nikki, Rod, Mick.

Patti Smith is a former friend to Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart as we and Lahealila, Nikki became stalkt of Patti, Mick discovered that she was a full andromeda who has murdered 4 humanbean and their souls. Mick, Rod and Nikki were in this precens now at sky-jail above LA/us and Put Patti in sky-jail.

Pray for all safety and that our galaxy milkyway`s zones shall remain close against andromeda galaxy.

In this precens now 5 andomeda-creepers passed away and 22 faited because of your folks prayers.

chosen by Nikki dedicated for Lahealilas ears.

Sometimes When We Touch – Dan Hill


tokio hotel – what if


Folk continue with prayers it`s given result.

Andomeda galaxy is lower-energy galaxy and are forbidden enter upon our galaxy milkyway`s zones.

Thats why prayers are so effectelly, citizen from andromeda galaxy actually dies or faiting when we pray, 4 citizen recently died because of you peoples prayers and 26 faitened last 24 hours.

So thanks a lot for prayers.

Pray for all safety and that our galaxy milkyway`s zones shall remain close against andromeda galaxy.

Tokio Hotel – What If


clarence/full member andromeda

clairvoyant view

very latest news

We still have Claude Stevensen and Bruce/us to support

clarence/former member springsteen e-streetband/full citizens of andromeda galaxy

We recently discovered that Clarence saxofonist/springsteen e-streetband are full member andromeda galaxy with had fake crown/self-made on his head-means hes not archangel/as he lied about. Clarence is level 3,8- 4 exactly right as full member of citizen from andromeda galaxy/same level like some insects on milkyway.

On this galaxy/milkyway we recently discovered 6 souls murdered by the former member springsteen e-streetband/Clarence as a full-classify rape of a very high wite soul with he sad he did because he earlier only slept with black women.

And by the way he`s 1,37 m/high/not 1,98 m/high with he temporarily became with stolen DNA/membrane from a earlier member of the band .

We are in shock over what mine Lahealilas cats discover in this presence now; Clarence/former member springsteen e-streetband cold bloody murdered Ernest Carter also former member, just only for afterwards taken his DNA/membrane, he even murdered his soul just as a full-bloody citizens of andromeda galaxy r.i.p.

ernest carter/former member/springsteen e-streetband

Mine Lahealilas cats called for Ernest Carters soul-angel and hes in this presence now flying like a bird to the pussycats paw/hand its a miracle! He`s alive again!!!!!!!

The cold bloody murdered of Ernest Carter was not discovered until this presence now because Clarence hid the body, the murder happened in year 1984 a slight cold winterday in November in LosAngeles by the border by the cost.

Clarence is in this presence now arrested by the sky-jail gards and hes screaming - thats old so I shouldnt be punished for that. And hes also saying – damn cats of Lahealila it`s not normal to print so mutch shit at the same time as they discoverer it!

Ernest is so glad so he`s jump down to me Lahealila and say thank you for your webzite and for your deloving cats. Thank you Lahealila so mutch he lauf and say.

springsteen e-streetband

Lahealila and her animals, cats, turtle too are now full member of this band.says Bruce , Claude and Ernest.

the song chosen by Ernest

springsteen-tougher than the rest

Pray for all safety and that our galaxy milkyway`s zones shall remain close against andromeda galaxy.

love/Lahealila, Bruce, Ernest, Claude



Today it`s sun/cloudy and around 26 degrees in Stockholm

White limestone gravel beach at Gotland, a big island in Sweden.

i love Gotland!

You can take the ferry from Nynäshamn outside Stockholm to Gotland/3 hours

Gotland most beatiful in the sky Nasa/2012

White limestone gravel beach at Gotland

have a awesome day!


Next I`v be writing all about the Loch Ness monster/uk

Johnny Logan – Hold me now


Today it`s sunny and a little cloudy, around 22 degrees in Stockholm

i love Gotland!
White limestone gravel beach at Gotland, a very big island in Sweden.
Jonny Logan

Jonny Logan is born in Australia by name Seán Patrick Michael Sherrard O’Hagan, at the age of 3 he moved with his Irish parents to Ireland. He won Eurovision 1987 with this lovely song about a friend who died to young.

live July 2019 Halden/Norway near the border between Norway and Sweden

Gap Of Dunloe/Ireland
Cliffs of Moher/Ireland


have a awesome week!




Last night I got real scared, we had bad thunderstorm but now it has lightned up and the sun shines again! We will have around 23° in Stockholm today, now in the morning 20° and sun/cloudy.


As a child I often had lots of fun during summertime at Tylösand/Halmstad/Sweden, the beach is shallow and 4,5 km long!

Some swedish music ……..

Never again – Tomas Ledin and Agnetha Fältskog (abba)


Sometimes I take the ferry from Slussen to Fjäderholmarna in Stockholms archipelago.

Fjäderholmarna/ Stockholms archipelago

Have e very nice day!


In the heat of the night


Gamla Stan/Sweden

Today it`s 27° and sunny in Stockholm!

This song is not sampled but it has do an 80s vibe, it`s selfcomposed-2008 by Star Pilots from Sweden.It`s never released in u.s so enjoy extra if you are from states!


Gamla Stan/Stockholm/Sweden

Have a nice weekend!


Imagine-Chris Kläfford 2019


Yesterday Chris Kläfford performed at ”America’s got talent” with over 5,6 million views at youtube. Chris is from Sweden and won “swedish Idol”-2017

note by July 12/now over 8 million views.

note by July 13/now over 10,2 million views.

note by July 15/now over 12,8 million views.



have a nice evening/Lahealila

Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole-Somewhere over the Rainbow


Jag älskar IZ version av “Somewhere over the Rainbow”, den finns på albumet Facing Future -93, det var då han blev känd utanför Hawaii. IZ har sålt mer än 1 miljon album i USA.

Han dog alldeles för tidigt 1997 i Honolulu, bara 38 år gammal.



have a very nice week/Lahealila