Loch Ness monster exists

August 30, 2019 by Lahealila

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The Loch Ness devil/uk Nessie has killed 129 people

The latest victim was killed/eaten alive 8 days ago a 44 years old manly tourist from Shanghai/China, it happened just close to Urqhart casle in Drumnadrochit/Scotland/uk beside lake Loch Ness.

The Loch Ness monster/Nessie has its residence just down below the Urqhart casle in Drumnadrochit/Scotland/uk at lake Loch Ness, where 85 people has been eaten alive by Nessie. But it has killed total 129 people including 8 whole strollers with babies around the entire lake, the stroller it use to cough up some days later.

Sometimes the Loch Ness monster going up ashore on its fins, it can breathe both underwater and on land.

Once it was going up on his fins around 80 meters right up to the Urqhart casle where a couple alone were visiting, they were swallowed at the same time by the Loch Ness devil in the 70s.

Urqhart casle in Drumnadrochit/Scotland/uk ,lake Loch Ness

The Loch Ness monster is 1860 years old and 16,8 meters long and the gap is around 8 meters high/14 meters wide. It has no teeth.

The first victim was killed by Nessie in1617, but he kicked and screamed so much inside the Loch Ness monsters stomach so the monster was discouraged, and therefore it killed fewer until 1838.

The Loch Ness devil killed 125 people between 1838-2019, total it has killed 129 people.

Loch Ness

The Loch Ness devil eats besides people also rabbits, hares, swans and other seabirds, rats, hedgehogs and still sitting birds.

Loch Ness monster is a pike

Nessie/The Loch Ness monster is a enormous huge pike, from the beginning a normal sized pike who never ending growing. It`s 16,8 meters long and 1860 years old.

Pikes never ending growing during lifetime but normally they dies earlier or gets up-fished.

PIKE/photo wikipedia

The Loch Ness monster can be caught by harpoon, but it don`t kill it, and then knitted deep into the body with swords and bayonets, then after 4-24 hours it will eventually die. And later it will end up in a museum.

The are 6 known “Loch Ness monsters” round the world which are pike monsters for example in Australia, Manhattan/NY/us, New Zealand, Siberia/Russia, Denmark, Bergen/Norway. milkywaygalaxynews.com

Love/Lahealila, team

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