Surrendering all

publish 18.20 timezone Stockholm

100% clear vision


Today it´s sunny and 25 degrees in Stockholm,even sunny all week.


Now we/God is with us” have stopped totally 37 nuclear bombs,some of them we/army/God/Lahealila/team stopped during the production. It is the alien “terrorist organization” MP who is behind the bombs.

1807 aliens have now died from the alien “terrorist organization” MP, 20 have reached understanding and retreated.

For some days ago, I/Lahealila discovered the moon in wrong direction,I said to team to check it out!

The moon had moved sharply off it´s orbit. Tell God about it,I said to team,army. God came,and saw together with the army,it was on account off the nuclear bomb,I told you about latest.

I said to God,team,army,you must check out if the sun too have moved off it`s orbit? After awhile they saw,the sun too had moved off it´s orbit.

God made ropes,then army,team,God surrounded the moon,the sun,draw them to right position in their orbit.

The planet,earth soul came by while I´m writing this,and says, thank you Lahealila for discovering this,sun,moon, wants to thank you so much too. I love you Lahealila. And thank so very much,Lahealila,for taking away my heavy headache,coused by a heavy lightning hitting my soul-head,I feel fine again,but I want nuclear bombs,missiles,other bombs, and nuclear power plants to be strongly forbidden! I hope you all listening now,take care of the planet/earth. I love my planet so unbelievable much/living earth soul

Please pray to protect our planet,the sun,the moon,heavenly heaven,our galaxy milkyway with all planets,suns,moons.


On request from a reader,Los Angeles/USA,this blog visits statistics: 3,1 millions visits/last 24 hours, 21,5 millions visits/last 7 days. Soon,the aliens who change the numbers in the statistics,will be gone. 83% of the visits are from USA,but 3,65 millions are from the rest of the world. Thank you all for joyning this,thank so much for all your prayers.

Note by june 16, 11.30 timezone Stockholm: Now this blog have 8 millions visits/last 24 hours.

The Dark Hedges/Ireland
Ribblehead viaduct/Ingleton,England,UK
Stella beach,Hauts de France
Isle of skye,Scotland,UK
Princes pier,Melbourne/Australia
Lugu lake/Yunnan,China
Rio de Janeiro ,Brazil
Cameron,tea plantage,Malaysia
Dubai,United Arab Emirates

Music is a peaceful,powerful weapon.

I love this song so much,when we played it in the morning,where 52 aliens nearby,instantly they died.

National anthem,Sweden


Love peace/Lahealila,team,Tussilago,army,God

465 thoughts on “Surrendering all”

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