Rescued by a horse

publish 06.57 timezone Stockholm

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100% clear vision


It happened much lately…..

A white incarnate horse, I met before, came astral to me about 14.00 Swedish time Sunday, he wanted to help cause he felt it soon could be dangerous. After a while saw the horse 4 helicopters with alien crew, taking off from Colorado Springs/USA, heading Stockholm, with visible nuclear bombs,3-4 kilo, under the helicopters. And one missile,10 kilo, in one of the helicopters.

20 aliens were in the crew, belonging to the quite known organisation M.P.

The white horse, angels, sky-army, team, 4000 sea-souls by Lushan/China, 7000 mountain-souls by Neist Point/United Kingdom have now stopped the helicopters. The helicopters didn’t come so far, they were taken already above USA. The whole team have been working very effectively, they are so grate! Thank you all so vey much!

I will tell you, the white horse killed 4 aliens, in one helicopter above USA, just by looking one second into their eyes, thank you so much my hero! My incarnate rabbit Tussilago learned this by watching me and my rabbit showed the horse how to do it the right way. Tussilago is a real killer, his record is 17 dead aliens in 18 minutes. You should see him when he has a show! Thank you so much my hero Tussilago!

This time the helicopters were photographed by 15 people and seen by 27 people. 14 people have sent photos of the helicopters with visible nuclear bombs to 7 different newsrooms in USA, Canada, Paris/France, Malta, Brazil, London/United Kingdom, Denmark,


Right now are 2 helicopters standing on my building/Stockholm, the crew are aliens belonging to the organization M.P. Totally 4 helicopters took off from Colorado Springs/USA earlier tonight, the crew were totally 16 aliens from M.P. The whole team are working with this right now…..

The helicopters were photographed by 40 people and seen by 200 people with visible nuclear bombs under the helicopters. 38 people have sent photos of the helicopters to 8 different newsrooms in USA, London/United Kingdom, Canada, Paris/France, Denmark, Switzerland, Brazil, New Zealand.

You can help with prayers. Thank you all so very much for your prayers, about 180 troublesome,dangerous aliens have died, since last I wrote, because of your prayers.

Dear Lord, please protect the earth and heaven against alien terrorists, dear Lord help us. Amen

7000 mountain-souls by Neist Point,United Kingdom, thank you so much for all help.

Sommaren är kort (The summer is short) – Tomas Ledin


love/Lahealila,team, sky-army, 11 angels

Horses stolen to another galaxy

publish 21.37 timezone Stockholm

100% clear vision


Yesterday I said to my team/skyhorse, we must check if there are any animals stolen from our galaxy to other galaxies.
After a few seconds we saw a zeppelin on one of andromeda galaxy´s planets, the one further away, on board was a single bird who told us that aliens recently had stolen him and 38 more birds/Stockholm/Sweden, and 4 horses/Texas,USA + one bird/Texas.

Team filled the zeppelin with a few stolen birds and the stolen horses, they stood near eating grass, and rulede the zeppelin to milkyway again,and to Stockholm with birds,and to Texas with horses.
The animals are so grateful to be home again!

Now 2 from team are at andromeda collecting all stolen birds home to milkyway,they are doing a fantastic job!


The aliens stole many birds here by the lake,Söderbysjön in Stockholm,near where I live.

Söderbysjön,south Stockholm/Sweden
Some crows were stolen

We still have problems with a huge number of aliens ………

Please pray for security for everyone on earth and against lightning, air raid. Protection for all animals on earth and in heaven, and also for buildings.


Rednex – Cotton Eye Joe

they are from Sweden


write-ups tomorrow

presence now

mobile note 04.43 at night in Sweden

Some of our highest are in danger and also the sky-police forces which are working.

Black-clad executioners from andromeda-galaxy have cross the border to our galaxy milkyway and are threatens our highest incarnate.

If you wont to help, please pray much, thank you, it will help.

love/Lahealila with team and sky-horse