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100% clear vision

New note by 10.50 timezone Utah/USA saturday, november 7, 2020. On request from the vote counting office in Utah/USA: We saw with clear vision that the real results in Utah are 78% – Biden, 22% – Trump. So many as 20 alien intruders are at Utah vote counting office, they are right now being strangled by the sea-angels…..

Later note further down by 06.17 timezone Georgia/USA saturday, november 7, 2020.


I said to the sea-angels and the sky-army that we had to do something about…..

I only tell you a little, I feel I had to tell you the truth.

The sea-angels and the sky-army have tonight “strangle” 240 “astral alien fake votes cheaters”. Still are even more “astral alien fake votes cheaters” coming down to the office where the votes counts in USA. The results are wrong in many states.

Especially in Texas, the results are wrong, the real results are the opposite, the sea-angels and the sky-army have not had time to be there, I’m sorry.

There have not been any “astral alien fake votes cheaters” in state Washington so the results are there correct, right now the results are Washington 59,5% – Biden, 38% – Trump. The results are correct even in Washington DC 92,6% – Biden, 5,2% – Trump.

Believe it or not but it’s the truth, the correct results are that Biden has won in 48 states and Trump in 5 states.

Later note by 06.17 timezone Georgia/USA november 7, 2020. On request from a employee at the vote counting office in Georgia, where they now counts the vote a second time: We saw with clear vision that the real results in Georgia are 73% – Biden, 27% – Trump.

I/Lahealila asked the sea-angels to protect the real results in Georgia and to be at the roof where they count the votes, to protect against “astral alien fake votes cheaters”. So thats why 10 sea-angels now are there standing on the roof.

Alien worlds – Stive Morgan


love/Lahealila, team, sky-army, sea-angels by Värmdö/Stockholm, seawaves-angels by North-sea/Sweden.

new helicopter attack

publish 07.23 timezone Stockholm clear vision


Last evening I saw a helicopter closer than 50 meters from my building, I felt danger and shouted to the team – stop the helicopter!!

Immediately a strong from the team with his heavenly sword and spire, throws the helicopter away 500 meters, just before that he had seen how one of the aliens/andromeda galaxy” was just thinking about opening the hatch in the floor of the helicopter.

Aboard the helicopter there was an unsecured explosive charge/14,7 kilo, Oh God!

By the time he/team opened the helocopter door, the 3 crew members had already died, inside the helicopter flew their 3 soul-angels around. – We do not boast because they are terrorists, said the soul-angels as the door was opened.

Sadly the soul-angels keept talkking – one more helicopter is on the way, stop it quickly before it starts!! Medially he/heavenly sword and spire” stopped the helicopter before it started.

4 1/2 years ago was the helicopter, which came here last night, “copied/stolen from the police in Washington/on earth” by 2 men from andromeda galaxy. My/Lahealila´s team flew the helicopter to the police in Washington/on earth” , and informed about what happened.

“2 men from andromeda galaxy copied, materialized up a similar police helicopter, after that the original police/Washington helicopter did not work.”

Thank you so much team/Lahealila

Please pray for security for everyone on earth and against blitz, air raid. Protection for all animals on earth and in heaven, and also for buildings.

suburb south Stockholm

false police helicopter – milkyway galaxy news .com


Tattoos Together- Lauv


Love/Lahealila with team and skyhorse