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Hello, how you been?

Today in Stockholm we had mostly cloudy with only a little sun and 22 degrees.

The big cosmic releasing!

Amazing! 252 stars have come out the latest 24 hours, from the big black hole at the south border on andromeda galaxy. The stars are so happy and are crying out loud “We are free and more alive than ever! When you, Lahealila, writes about it, it makes it easier to come out from the terrible big black hole.
Thank you for writing often about it, and when you read abote us stars, it give us stars hope so we easier can be free from the black hole. We stars are trying to reach all the other stars to tell about the big releasing, but it takes time tho we are around 200 million stars in the terrible big black hole.
Thanks for reading about us stars, it help us the stars to easier be free from the black hole”/2 of the stars that now are free, because of the new era.

Isn’t it wonderful with butterflies, have you noticed that you gets happy when you see a butterfly?
A butterfly are a happy creature, always kind and with God’s energy. They love flying around and flowers, animals and people love them. And because of the new era will we now have more butterflies on earth.
And on the stars are it also butterflies, they are made of pure God’s energy, the star-angels love them!

This photo was taken one week ago in Poland.
The butterfly is talking: I’m a very happy little creature, but a rather big butterfly. I love flying around, here at Lahealila’s place too. I remember the flower at the picture, it said “Come and taste me, I have lots of nectar, I would love to feed you, I already love you” I/the butterfly said, I love you too. The flower’s nectar tasted so wonderfully!/The butterfly

June/2022 Poland

Butterfly Ladybag Bumblebee


Have a nice evening or a nice day, depending where you are located.

Love and peace/Lahealila,team,sky-army,cobra,lions,angels