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Hi there, how you been?

Today in Stockholm we had 18 sunny degrees. In June begins the summer in Sweden.

More and more stars slips out from the big black hole, at the south border on andromeda galaxy!
Unbelievable 120 stars have slipped out the latest 24 hours!
The star really rays of happiness!
Before I wrote it were 100 million stars in this black hole, but now we see it are 200 million stars, 100 million more stars were hidden in a hump!! OMG!

The world is too small sometimes…
Yesterday when I was on a office, I looked at the May cat in a calendar they put on the wall, it was a fine black cat. The cat felt I was looking at him and recogniced me as a close friend, from before he was incarnated. The cat is incarnated in Netherlands.
Me and the cat have been close friends for about 200 years, before we incarnated, been working much together too. The black cat is one of the highest cats in cosmos, he’s very intelligent, now we sometimes work together again.
The cat comes when his mistress and master are at work or are sleeping…


Gymneopedie – Erik Satie

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