leaves become bees

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100% clear vision


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Forget me not flower, bee
Scotland,United Kingdom

Leaves transforms into bees

When the leaves fall off the trees and dies, leaves the leaf-soul/plant-soul to
look for a bee nest,there they become one with a bee egg or a newborn bee.
If it´s cold, will the leaf-souls fly to heavenly heaven to come down again  
when it´s warmer,or they winters in a boathouse, fisherman´s  hut,shed.

In those fisherman´s huts at Gotland,Sweden leaf-souls use to winters, before
they transforms into bees.

At Messier 32 galaxy they used leaves to transform into half-monkeys/aliens, instead
of trees or bigger plants.

Dover Calais-Freestyle

love/Lahealila,team,army,Tussilago,the Waves by Northsea/Sweden, the Field by Brazil,
mount Robson by Canada, sea-souls by Lushan,China, the Field the ocean the sky by
Netherlands, mountain-soul by Ireland, sea-souls by Neist Point,United Kingdom, God

continuing soon…….

top 40 countries

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100 % clear vision


8,2 million have reach understanding

Yes, that´s true, 8,2 million aliens/half-monkeys have reach understanding, and they have all taken step 1 to be recast on their own galaxies,Messier 32,Andromeda. They have all come above Stockholm and there they met the Waves by the Northsea/Sweden,the Field by Brazil,the mount Robson by Canada,army,team.

On request, where have all those 8,2 million aliens been incarnated?

Top 40

1  USA 7 million/aliens
2  Canada 4,4 million/aliens
3 Brazil 4,27 million/aliens
4  Japan 52.680/aliens
5  Germany 50.000/aliens
6 Spain 49.780/aliens
7 United Kingdom 47.040/aliens
8 Vietnam 47.010/aliens

9 Indonesia 42.170/aliens
10 France 27.670/aliens
11 Africa 8900/aliens
12 Russia 8700/aliens
13 China 8400/aliens
14 Australia 8000/aliens

15 Iraq 4700/aliens
16 Sweden 4550/aliens
17 Iran 4500/aliens
18 Ireland 4200/aliens
19 Malaysia 4008/aliens
20 Netherlands 4006/aliens
21 Ukraine 4000/aliens
22 India 2020 “
23 Mexico 900 “

24 Hawaii 820 “
25 Poland 808 “
26 Malta 800 “
27 Norway 799 “
28 Greenland 420 “
29 Portugal 411 “
30 Greece 402 “
31 Finland 400 “
32 Latvia 398 “

33 Denmark 204 “
34 Turkey 198 “
35 Hungary 160 “
36 Switzerland 150 “
37 Monaco 102 “
38 Lichtenstein 89 “
39 Iceland 38 “
40 Austria 37 “

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Top 20

South Dakota,USA
Banff,Alberta,Canada,authentic photo
Brazil, when I for a few second were looking at this photo, 4000 sea-souls came by,and they are still here,helping the aliens who reach understanding.
Kumamoto,Japan,4000 waterfall-souls came by when I for a few second were looking at this photo,they are still here helping aliens who reach understanding.
Germany,old Elisabeth
Granada,Spain, 4000 mouintain-souls came by,background,and are here now helping and meeting the aliens.
Neist Point,United Kingdom,6000 sea-souls from the sea came by,and are now a helping hand with the aliens.
Vietnam,authentic photo
Siberia,wild nature,Russia
Lushan,China,authentic photo,wintertime, 4000 sea-souls,from this sea,came by and wants to help with aliens.
Coral reef,Australia,8000 coral reef-souls came by above Stockholm, and wants to be a helping hand with the aliens.
soft white limestone beach,Gotland,Sweden
Ireland,7500 mountain-souls came by and wants to he a helping hand with the aliens.
Netherlands,4000 sky-souls and 4000 ocean-souls came by, and are now a helping hand with the aliens.

How great is our God-Chris Tomlin

mount Robson by Canada
the Field by Brazil
the Waves by the Northsea,Sweden

Love/Lahealila,team.army,Tussilago,the Waves by the Northsea/Sweden,the Field by Brazil,mount Robson by Canada