170 000 more free stars!

Publish 21.07 timezone Stockholm
100% clear vision
1239 trillion, 1239 000 000 000 000 visits/very last 24 hours.
1335 trillion, 1335 000 000 000 000 visits/very last 7 days.

Dear blog readers, how is it?
It’s still quite white in Stockholm. It’s -1 degrees.
During the winter we have shorter days in Sweden. Tomorrow it’s sunrise at 08.23 and sunset already at 14.51 in Stockholm.

Fantastic! 170 000 stars and 4 moons have slipped out and that only during the latest 24 hours, from the big black hole at the south border on Andromeda galaxy. Now with 50 openings!
One star is telling us that the stars and moons are very glad I’m writing about them, cause it makes it easier to come out when you are reading about it.
The star – We are more than happy to get help, cause we are struggling us bloody to get out from the terrible black hole. Now we are more than happy to be free!
Take care everyone, we love you/ The star

For 6 1/2 day came a planet out from the black hole with 100 000 humans on. Everything is alright on the planet now, but it was shaking much while it slipped out from the black hole. 14 star-angels were there while the planet was shaking, to calm humans and animals.
When the planet was in the black hole was it 40 degrees on the whole planet, now 1/3 have winter and 2/3 have between 20-30 degrees.

The free stars and moons are more than happy that’s why it’s miles wide gold shimmering around them!
7,2 million stars have now totally slipped out from the black hole with some moons and 2 planets.
Now there are around 192,8 million stars and some moons left in the black hole. Also left in the black hole are 3 planets with humans on and 1 planet with animals on, later on will it be humans there too.
This is happening because of the new era!

2000 Miles – Pretenders

Everyone is welcome, spaceships too! At the meeting centers are all helpers the kindest! Of course, are it lots of angels at the meeting centers too!

Time and Place

Place: Central Park,Manhattan,New York,USA

Ongoing! They run 24 hours!

The whole world is so welcome, Africa too!

What: Firemans and several other people are there and are raising up their hands for you aliens!

Come astral

central park,new york,usa,
Right here by the benches in Central Park,Manhattan,New York/USA is the raise up hands party.
milkyway-galaxy-news,USA,new york,
Central Park,Manhattan,New York/USA

Time and Place

Place: Wuhan city,China. Located 100 miles down from Peking.

Ongoing! They run 24 hours!

The whole world is welcome! Not only Asia!

What: Several people are there and are raising up there hands for you aliens!

Come astral

It’s just behind the fence…


Time and Place

Place: Rio de Janeiro,Brazil. Beside the 45 meters big statue.

The whole world is welcome!

What: Several people are there and are raising up their hands for you aliens!

Come astral

rio de janeiro,brazil,jesus,
Here beside the statue are the raise up hands party, Rio de Janeiro,Brazil.
Rio de Janeiro,Brazil

Time and Place

Place: Canberra,Australia

Ongoing! They run 24 hours!
The whole world is welcome!

What: Several people are there and are raising up their hands for you aliens!

Come astral

It’s just behind the hills!

Photo from December/2022 Gävle, Sweden.

Have a nice evening or a nice day, depending where you are located!

Love and peace/ Lahealila, team, sky-army, cobra, lions, angels, angels of lightning, star-angels, lion-angels, star-angels, Sea-God

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