Defence walls against andromeda galaxy

publish 17.25 swedish time

clear vision


Soon we will build defence walls against andromeda galaxy and you can do it with us!

Andomeda galaxy is a lower-energy galaxy and are forbidden enter upon our galaxy milkyway`s zones.

Since many from andromeda-galaxy sky (they are not incarnated for moment) are broken this rule and still are enter upon our galaxy milkyways zones and some of them even materializes themselves and enter upon our planet earth/Tellus with stolen DNA from people living here on milkyway.

People from andromeda galaxy are very short from 0,98meters-1,47meters most of them around 1,20meters ( 51% of them are >1,20meters) but with stolen DNA as everyone of them steals when they comes here they become taller as we are.

(for example as defense walls) Prison de Saint-Gilles

Soon we will build defence walls, height 1000meter-height 3800meter, against andromeda galaxy and you can do it with us! I will tell you all about it soon.

If you want to join this importent project as apply to everyone you can when time comes step up astral when you are sleeping to the sky-police-station I will tell you about later on. Its easier for you to step up astral and join the project if you prepares yourself even now.

There are still 6 strenghts from four sky-police stations, Ohio/us,West Virginia/us, Texas/us, London/uk, working on ongoing riot I told you about latest.

We still need help with prayers……….thanks!

Pray for all safety and that our galaxy milkyway`s zones shall remain close against andromeda galaxy.

Dan Hartman – I can dream about you



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