Helicopter without pilot

publish 01.36 timezone Stockholm [1000 048 000 000 visits/very last 24 hours]

100% clear vision


This evening about 22.35 Swedish time, could I hear a helicopter near my building/Stockholm. I told team about it, but when it come closer, above my building, I got scared and shouted “throw away the helicopter!!” (The sky-army use to do that if the helicopter come to close)

When the sky-army came to the helicopter were the pilot and the crow dead. When they checked why they died, could they see that the terrorists connected medially with me when I shouted “throw away the helicopter”, the power in these words killed them. On board the helicopter were one nuclear bomb,4 kilo, and 4 missiles.

Around 23.05 tonight Swedish time they started again, I heard one more helicopter near my building/Stockholm and said quite strongly “What a damn idiots!”. These words killed the pilot and the whole crow! The crow connected medially with me again, and the sky-army just had to take care of the nuclear bomb,4 kilo, and the helicopter.

A moment later they started again, this time with 4 helicopters that flew around in my neighborhood with nuclear bombs,2-4 kilo. Now came also 7000 sea-souls by Lushan/China to stop the helicopters together with the sky-army, 8 angels.

Thank you so much sea-souls by Lushan/China, sky-army, team, 8 angels.

All 6 helicopters took off from Colorado Springs/USA, this time photographed by 27 people and seen by 50 people.

The crew were totally 20 alien terrorists, 14 aliens were from the known organization M.P.

Sad forever-Lauv

Lotus flower, India

love/Lahealila,team,sky-army, 8 angels