the heart

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100% clear vision


We have seen that all hearts, both humans and animals, has a own heart-soul.
You always have the same heart-soul, both in all your incarnations and in heaven after each incarnation.

Thats why, we have seen that people that have donate their heart after they died, doesn´t woke up in heaven, they ends up in heaven in such a deep coma that they don´t wake up from, or serial-dies 3-15 times and ends up in their soul-angel.
No one has woke up in heaven after donating their heart
We told this to the 8 angels that are here right now, they were shocked, and could see why they couldn´t wake up a number of people in heaven, and why some people still are missing.

Of about 8700 heart transplants are 30% of the donors in deep coma,70% have ends up in their soul-angel, only 4 have woke up depending the recipients died within 4 years.

The 8 angels are happy that I could inform about the heart donations.

What is life-George Harrison

We still have problem with incoming spacecrafts from Messier 32 galaxy, 4 new spaceships has come over, and 4 other spaceships has the sky-army taken.
10 disturbing spaceships are here now.

Since last I wrote have the sky-army and the 8 angels also catch 3 alien terrrorist helicopters/USA,Canada,Australia” and 1 airplane/Australia,totally on board 3 nuclear bombs, 4 missiles. They also stopped 1 more nuclear bomb and 4 more missiles. Thank you so much!

Please pray

Prayers are of great importance, thank you all so much for your prayers.

Dear Lord, please protect us so no more incoming spaceships will come from Messier 32 galaxy and please protect against alien terrorists, dear Lord help us. Amen


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