a rabbit from the sun

Publish 18.26 timezone Stockholm
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Hello, how you been?

I hope you still have a Happy Easter!

Today in Stockholm we have 16 sunny degrees! Wonderful!

Amazing! This rabbit tranformed from a part of a meteorite from our sun into a rabbit, for 10 months ago, the picture is only 1 week old.
The meteorite came loose from the sun for 200 years ago, afer that has it circulate mostly around the sun, and still are.
For 10 months ago came a little part of the meteorite’s soul loose and fell down to earth, after 2 minutes it transformed to a rabbit!
The rabbit remember it was circulate around the sun, now it feels much better! The rabbit also remember that it was warm on the sun.
The rabbit find it cozy at Värmdö in Stockholm, where it find much to eat, he says.

Photo from April/2022 Värmdö,Stockholm

The latest 24 hours were it so many as 120 stars that came loose from the black hole at the south border on andromeda galaxy! Fantastic!

Louis Armstrong – What a wonderful world, with original spoken intro.

Louis Armstrong came by while I was listening to this video, he wants to wish everybody a really Happy Easter! May peace be with you/Louis


Have a nice weekend!

Love and peace/Lahealila,team,cobra,lions,angels

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