99 stars!

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Amazingly! Because of the new era, has the latest 24 hours brought out 99 stars from the big black hole, at the south border on andromeda galaxy!

This lovely unusual, midnight blue butterfly is there only one specimen of.
One day when a tree dropped a leaf, while the sun was shining throw the window indoor a zoo, transformed the leaf into this butterfly. It happend for 3 weeks ago at a zoo in Stockholm.
This butterfly is talking: I come a bit early at the year, but thats okey indoor a zoo, outside is it only 4 degrees. Here at the zoo they feed me with seeds, it’s tastes delicious. I wish peace too. / The butterfly

Photo end of Mars-2022, Stockholm.

Stunning version…take a breath.

When a child is born/Instrumental
Musicians – Enrique Ramos L. and Nolo C.


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