Vaseline is my friend!

publish 11.40 timezone Stockholm
100% clear vision
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Hello, how you been?

Please, pray that no alien will ever more kill or harm anyone from this galaxy again.

It’s not without reason I put the prayer on top!
While I’m writing I have more or less pain on side of the stomach, it just hurts about 2 seconds each time, but it returns every few minutes.
My team discovered that it are spaceships above my bulding that comes down as several medially miniature spaceships and dock on side of my stomach for a little while, to take energy. The aliens even put a dock-rack on side of my stomach.
A small number of spaceships, say 100, felt like they wanted to visit me, otherwise they tend to stay above USA/60 and Canada/40.

Why the spaceships came to me?
It depends on A.J, small known in USA, she/he went up astral to a spaceship above Los Angeles and said stuttered: I want you to go to Lahealila and take energy of her, cause she don’t let me have her brain, and she has 24 hours life-guards so I can’t take it, tell all spaceships to go to Lahealila

Me/Lahealila: Yes thats true, my brain is exclusively for me, and yes I have 24 hours life-guards. And the 100 spaceships you only sent into death. Maybe we will ask the spaceship you came with, for aboute 70 years ago, to set you out of order.
How many of you would like that?
You can help by praying.

What did I do…
I did some raise up hands, that killed aliens on 7 spaceships, the spaceships turned red and burned up.
I put vaseline (for humans) on my stomach, where it hurts, that killed all aliens on 43 spaceships, the spaceships were even annihilated.
The rest 50 spaceships took sky-army, star-angels, seawave-angels, sea-angels care of.
The aliens onboard the spaceships cursed A.J name all the time, cause she/he told them to come here.

Good to know, vaseline is highly effective against aliens, thank me for discovering that!
The secret, vaseline is highly alive and when medially miniature spaceships tries to dock on side of my stomach, flyes the vaseline up to the spaceship and look at it for some seconds, that kills the aliens and delete the spaceship totally, yes it did.

It’s not only me, being stalked by spaceships that dock on the stomach or head, it’s all over the world. For example are 267 people, there of 120 babies/children, in Canada daily stalked by spaceships that dock on the stomach, head. In USA 220 people, there of 102 babies/children.

Are you one of them who are stalked by spaceships?
Do your raise up hands and put on vaseline where it hurts. The spaceship are just above your building, so start to pray too.

Area 51, Nevada,USA

How do I know, if a child is a alien?
He/she eats living beetles.
They do it sometimes from 6 month age – 9 years age.
It’s the animal instinct.

Photo from September 8, 2021 Gärdet, Stockholm

Some sunny news…
The higher energy over earth, I wrote about last, has bring new species of butterflies over the whole world.
These 2 fine newborn butterflies, became manifested September 5, 2021, at Gärdet, Stockholm.
The butterflies are only 3 days old at the photo, and these light sky-blue butterflies with purpur, dark violet colored markings are a new species of butterflies on earth!

We also saw that Central Park in New York has new blue species of butterflies, China and Africa have new red butterflies, Japan has new white butterflies with a little pale blue on.
There are new butterflies species all over the world, United Kingdom, Brazil, Hawaii, Canada, China, France, Australia, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Iran, Italy, South Africa, Denmark, Irac, Norway, Spain, Poland, Finland, Switzerland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iceland, Arabia, Greece, Turkey, Philippines, Latvia, you name it!

Dream station – Stive Morgan

Area 51, trailer


Have a really nice nice day or a really nice evening!

Love/Lahealila, team, sky-army, sea-angels, seawave-angels, angels of Lightning, space-army, star-angels, cobra