clarence/full member andromeda

clairvoyant view

very latest news

We still have Claude Stevensen and Bruce/us to support

clarence/former member springsteen e-streetband/full citizens of andromeda galaxy

We recently discovered that Clarence saxofonist/springsteen e-streetband are full member andromeda galaxy with had fake crown/self-made on his head-means hes not archangel/as he lied about. Clarence is level 3,8- 4 exactly right as full member of citizen from andromeda galaxy/same level like some insects on milkyway.

On this galaxy/milkyway we recently discovered 6 souls murdered by the former member springsteen e-streetband/Clarence as a full-classify rape of a very high wite soul with he sad he did because he earlier only slept with black women.

And by the way he`s 1,37 m/high/not 1,98 m/high with he temporarily became with stolen DNA/membrane from a earlier member of the band .

We are in shock over what mine Lahealilas cats discover in this presence now; Clarence/former member springsteen e-streetband cold bloody murdered Ernest Carter also former member, just only for afterwards taken his DNA/membrane, he even murdered his soul just as a full-bloody citizens of andromeda galaxy r.i.p.

ernest carter/former member/springsteen e-streetband

Mine Lahealilas cats called for Ernest Carters soul-angel and hes in this presence now flying like a bird to the pussycats paw/hand its a miracle! He`s alive again!!!!!!!

The cold bloody murdered of Ernest Carter was not discovered until this presence now because Clarence hid the body, the murder happened in year 1984 a slight cold winterday in November in LosAngeles by the border by the cost.

Clarence is in this presence now arrested by the sky-jail gards and hes screaming - thats old so I shouldnt be punished for that. And hes also saying – damn cats of Lahealila it`s not normal to print so mutch shit at the same time as they discoverer it!

Ernest is so glad so he`s jump down to me Lahealila and say thank you for your webzite and for your deloving cats. Thank you Lahealila so mutch he lauf and say.

springsteen e-streetband

Lahealila and her animals, cats, turtle too are now full member of this band.says Bruce , Claude and Ernest.

the song chosen by Ernest

springsteen-tougher than the rest

Pray for all safety and that our galaxy milkyway`s zones shall remain close against andromeda galaxy.

love/Lahealila, Bruce, Ernest, Claude