Moved to tears

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100% clear vision

Hello, how you been?

Today it’s sunny and 31 degrees in Stockholm and I had to fight with a bee to have my ice cold lemonade alone.

Ongoing raise up hands parties for you aliens

Älvsborg, Sweden

Late yesterday evening I happened to find this stunning picture, but I felt it was something sad about the deer. The deer felt I was looking at him and came astral to my home.
The deer wondered why I had tear in my eyes. You look amazing, but I feel sadness, I answered. Then we saw he was a human angel which aliens wanted to hide, some aliens took away his memory and gave the angel a deer initiating.
Now he’s happy again.
Lahealila and I/the angel have met before, I felt someone nice peeson was looking at me and wanted to see who it was. I’m so thankful she found me/the deer, says the angel.
For 200 years was the angel a deer.

Statue of Evert Taube,Riddarholmen,Stockholm

I just love this song! When I played it the angels were moved to tears, “it’s amazing”, said the angels. It’s written by Evert Taube, he came by from heaven when I played it and said that this is the one I’m most fond of myself, this version is breathtaking!
I Evert Taube wants to say hello to everyone and this is a amazing time for everyone, for other galaxies too. The galaxy you belong to from the beginning loves you and are the galaxy which is the best for you in every ways.

Evert Taube: Så skimrande var aldig havet – Lunds studentsångare
English/So shimmering was never the sea
If you want to buy it ask after paticuarly this version, tell them they can fix it from the music video on my blog.

Londonviadukten in Stockholm

Have a really nice day or a really nice evening!

love/Lahealila, sky-army, space-army, sea-angels, seawave-angels, angels of Lightning, star-angels from out of space, the deer/the angel

The Waves and the Field

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100 % clear vision


I’m still writing from my cell phone, I’m still not at home.

The Waves by the Northsea and the Field by Brazil have been working hard lately,together with team,army and myself sometimes. The Waves and the Field have been working about 10-14 meters above me,it help them to stay in the air

Its a miracle, so many as 4,1 million aliens/half-monkeys from Messier 32 galaxy and andromeda galaxy,have now reach understanding.

Over 4 million have now meet the Waves and the Field, and have taken the highest step,and are now flying with their soul-angel, and later on will all of them be recast on their own galaxies, Messier 32 galaxy,andromeda galaxy. God are here to guide us.


The field by Brazil
The waves by the Northsea

Thank you all for your prayers, you would beleive it means a lot.

The importent person is still kidnapped, but it will soon be a releasing , but please pray for releasing.

A classic in Sweden: Idas sommarvisa, Idas summer song. (Ida 4 years and 7,5 months old)


love/Lahealila,team,the Waves,the Field,army,Tussilago

In the heat of the night


Gamla Stan/Sweden

Today it`s 27° and sunny in Stockholm!

This song is not sampled but it has do an 80s vibe, it`s selfcomposed-2008 by Star Pilots from Sweden.It`s never released in u.s so enjoy extra if you are from states!


Gamla Stan/Stockholm/Sweden

Have a nice weekend!