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100% clear vision

Hello, how you been?

Here is much happen as usual.

Long was “M”, quite known, living on Manhattan/New York, worry if I would start writing aboute her. But no worry, I’m writing…

“M” from Manhattan has stalking me for over 2 months, sends spions and more. But we didn’t know, until today, she was changning Billboard’s score for songs I put on my blog.
So here are the right numero 1, right now on Billboard. You can hear it on my last writing.
Higher Power – Coldplay
“M” from Manhattan even took it away totally from Billboard’s Top 100, so stupid, then we saw it was changed!

manhattan,new york,
Manhattan,New York.

Zov’s singing has power, it protect us many times against aliens, sometimes Zov comes himself when we play this song, then he sings live for us and for the aliens.
Thank you Zov for helping us sometimes.

New Asia – Zov Predkov, Stive Morgan/writer remix

About Zov Predkov’s adventure with his dog.


Have a really nice day or evening!

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