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100% clear vision
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Dear blog readers, how is it?
The spring has come to Stockholm!
Today was it lovely sunny and 12 degrees.

Photo from April/2023, flower: snowdrop, Sweden

Planet Fenix came above my flat today in the evening sunshine and is still left, transformed as a man.
Planet Fenix: Hello again! We believe its been a fine easter for the most of us. I’m here a few hours tonight, cause it’s fun here with all angels and animals here. A lot of lion-angels are here too.
Since easter is it still gold shimmering from many places all over the planet. I have my dear koala bear with me, he think its looks beautiful too.
My planet Fenix goes even more smoother now, the animals eats much better now, than with bumps. The animals looks healthier now.
Hope you like when I/Fenix talk a little, cause it’s fun for me.
Have a nice evening, love you all/ Planet Fenix and the koala

Background Fenix is on Milky Way – milkyway galaxy news .com

You are everything – Matthew West

Gothenburg, Sweden

Have a nice weekend!

Love and peace/ Lahealila, team, sky-army, cobra, lions, angels, angels of lightning, star-angels, lion-angels, star-angels, Sea-God

summer vibes…

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100% clear vision
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Hello, how you been?

Today was it quite warm in Stockholm, sunny and 24 degrees.

Wonderful! Not less than 160 stars slipped out the the latest 24 hours from the big black hole, at the south border on andromeda galaxy. This is happening because of the new era.
The stars are more than happy!

Photo from May/2022, Värmdö,Stockholm

I don’t think there is any happier song…

Tusistens klagan (The tourist’s complaint) – Cornelis Vreeswijk

Have you noticed there are many summer dresses out now, this one is gorgeous, I was’t late to buy…

I love these too…

I took this photo on the supermarket yesterday

Have a nice evening or a nice day, depending where you are located.

Love and peace/Lahealila,team,sky-army,cobra,lions,angels