42 000 saved stars

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Hello, how you been?

Do you remember when I for a while ago wrote about the very big black hole, at the border of andromeda galaxy?
The higher energy, cosmos loving energy, makes the big black hole smaller and smaller, it makes stars come out of the black hole.
In less than 9 month have now 42 000 stars slipped out of the black hole, and that means even higher energy in cosmos. Isn’t that wonderful!
The big black hole contains unbelievable 100 million living stars!

Let the love flow…

starry sky

Last weekend were it 2 new meteorite fallout from the sun, they were crying after help “Help me, help me”, their tears were raining over us.
The team helped the first one to Nevada desert,USA, the second to fields in China.
No one was hurt at Nevada, but in China were a man and a deer only 2 meters away from the meteorite, they became so shocked so their heart stopped, but they got help and are still living. They are feeling fine today.
The meteorite were very big, size 1,4 miles × 0,7 miles, the second 1,2 miles × 0,6 miles. Highest top 0,4 miles.

Sugartop mountains,China

Let your love flow – Bellamy Brothers

Only authentic photo, 2021, Skåne,Sweden

Have a really nice evening or day!

love/Lahealila, team, sky-army, cobra, angels of lightning, star-angels, lions, horses

One meteorite more…

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Hello, hope you doing well!

One meteorite in a week, only one this time, but a very big one 1,2 miles × 0,7 miles.
When the meteorite was 4 miles neaarly above my building to night, it came down astral to my apartment and strared at me. I shouted to sky-army “it’s a meteorite here, help”
Sky-army said to the meteorite “we help you to Nevada desert”
The metoeorite answered “Good I don’t want to hurt her, but I remember her since she been visiting our sun sometimes, thats why I wanted to ask after help here, I know you are many here to help me. Nevads is fine for me, we like when it’s hot”

Sky-army, angels of lightning, lions from China, star-angels, angels helped the meteorite down to Nevada desert, it landed 10 meters near a cottage.
The man who’s living in the cottage only think it’s fun, and will take a walk around the meteorite.

Nevada desert,usa

The butterfly came astral to us and talked. He’s living in Thailand.
Butterfly – I’m a close friend to the frog, I visit him every day. I drink water too when I sit down at the frog, he’s very cute and friendly. It can be very hot here, I need to drink water every hour…

The photo was taken 1 week ago, Thailand

The sound of silence – Wuauquikuna


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Love/Lahealila, team, sky-army, angels of lightning, cobra, lions

The latest fallout

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Hello, how you been?

Please, pray that the very big storm at the border of our galaxy will end.

11 new very big meteorite fallout from the sun in less than 6 days, since my last writing. We helped the meteorite down to, 8 to the desert in Nevada,USA, 2 to fields in China, 1 to a sea in Sweden.
No one was hurt.
Totally have we now had 28 very big meteorite fallout from the sun in less than 2 weeks. One meteorite we discover very early, that one could the team take to the planet Venus on our galaxy.
We have many to help us to take down the fallen mateorite to a place so no one gets hurt, star-angels, sky-army, space-army, angels of lightning, lion-angels from Trippoli galaxy, 6 incarnated lions from China, 8 incarnated lions fron Iran/Iraq, angels.

All meteorite were very big, from 2700 meter × 1700 meter – 10 000 meter × 8000 meter, mostly the meteorite were around 4700 meter × 7000 meter.

Nevada desert,USA
China, rice farming

And this is in real some of the lions that are helping us out now, this particular day was it very hot 45 degrees and the lions were hungry and thirsty….

Evert Taube – Så skimrande var aldrig havet/So shimmering was never the sea

January 2022, Lappland,Sweden

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Love/Lahealila, team, sky-army, cobra and lions

16 big meteorite fallout

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Hello, how you been?

For about 8 days ago I heard a weak whirling sound. I said to team, whats that?
– It’s a meteorite fallen from the sun, is huge 2000 meters width,4000 meters length. Fantastic you heard it, it’s 8 miles away.
The meteotite started now creaming “Nice she heard me, I don’t want to kill anyone. Help me down to a desert where no one are”
– Sure we help you!
The whole team, sky-army, lion-angels from Trippoli, and 14 incarnated lions came astral (6 from China, 8 from Iran/Iraq) and swung the meteorite to the desert in Nevada,USA.
The meteorite – Fine, here I can lay. Thank you all so much!

In the latest 8 days have 16 big meteoriter from the sun landed on earth, everyone has got help by us to land mostly in the desert, 12 at Nevada, 2 in China, 1 in a deep sea in Sweden, 1 in Tanzania,Africa. All meteoriter were very big.
No one was injured.

That meteoriter is falling from the sun right now is because it’s very stormy.

Pray for everyone’s safety

Please, pray that the big storm at the border on our galaxy will end.


It’s much lighter now, but I’m still kidnapped by aliens, but partly am I sometimes nearly free.

Thank you so much for all prayers ❤ Lahealila

Please, pray for my very soon releasing


Have a really nice weekend!

Love/Lahealila, team, sky-army, cobra and lions.