Hitler killed 600 lizards

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100% clear vision


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We saw with clear vision that Hitler was crazy in more ways, for example so killed Hitler 600 lizards by cutting out the eyes and eating them, he thought it would give him strength, but of course it didn´t!

Once a week 5 of Hitler´s alien friends went to Africa and caught a lizard, went back to Hitler/Germany just so he could kill it. When Hitler had killed 600 lizards by cutting out the eyes and eating them, they celebrate and put a end to it.

Hitler also strangled 77 hookers to death with his own hands.

Hitler gave order to over 6 million murders.

A charming lizard, who came astral and visit us when I locked at the picture. He told us he´s living at Kolmården, a zoo in Norrköping/Sweden, he´s so adorable!

Now there are 11 spaceships here from Messier 32 galaxy, 7 new spaceships have come over. 3 spaceships were taken by the sky-armies for 1-2 days ago.

Please help with prayers.  

Dear Lord, help the sky-armies to catch these 11 spaceships, and protect so no more spacecrafts will come over from Messier 32 galaxy. Amen


Hooked on a feeling-Blue Swede, live London

The Waves by Northsea

love/Lahealila,team, sky-army, the Waves by Northsea

What is a vegetable

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100% clear vision


What is a vegetable/half-monkey/alien?
I tell you

It´s not a humanbe
It has nearly no brain, often only 0,2%-5% brain.
It has nearly no heart organ, often only 0,7%-9% heart organ

It has nearly no eyes, often only 0,7%-18% eyes
It has no visible ears,and the hearing is only 0,05%-12%.
It has nearly no organs, often only 0,5-12% complete organs.
It has no teeth
It can´t walk
It  can´t sit
It  can´t talk

It can´t think
It can´t smile
or laugh.
Emotional o,o%-0,8%


It´s a alien/half-monkey from Messier 32 galaxy, who been way too short time in the cocoon when it was cast to be a half-monkey, 98,7% of them were also a leaf before they were cast to be a half-monkey.
Normally a tree become one half-monkey or a humanbe, but on Messier 32 galaxy, one tree became about 200 half-monkeys, because they used the leaves instead of a whole tree.
Instead of 7 month in the cocoon, the leaves lay mostly 1 month and 8 days-1 month and 3 weeks, therefore they have nearly no brain, heart organ, organs, eyes, ears, lips, teeth. Hair growth 20%-42%.
A few are,50 incarnated aliens, 4 month vegetable,means they lay 4 month in the cocoon,therefore they have more brain and organs than 1 month-1 month 3 weeks vegetable.

The aliens discovered, when they/the leaves” lay a shorter time in the cocoon, they look less like a half-monkey.

After that they started to come to our galaxy.
First they killed 280 people from our galaxy, on earth and in heaven, and took their bodies to messier 32 galaxy, they took out hearts, brains, eyes, organs, ears, lips, teeth etc, and put it into the vegetable/aliens.
Soon they started to walk and talk.

Soon the vegetable/aliens started to incarnate on our galaxy and killed 3 million people from our galaxy, on earth and in heaven. The aliens stole the murdered people’s brain, heart, eyes, lips, teeth, organs etc. and put it into a incomplete alien/half-monkey from messier 32 galaxy.

Aliens from messier 32 galaxy also killed 1 trillion, 1 000 000 000 000 aliens from andromeda galaxy, the killings took place on our galaxy milkyway. Aliens from messier 32 galaxy stole even this murdered alien’s brain and heart etc. just to put it into a vegetable/incomplete alien/half-monkey from messier 32 galaxy.

List, famous 24 days-1 month and 3 weeks vegetable/aliens,with other people´s
body parts, for example brain,heart,eyes,organs.
I  only wrote one initial and country.

T. passed away/India
M. passed away/USA
J. passed away/USA
S. passed away/USA


Here comes the sun-Beatles

Sea-souls by Lushan/China
Ocean-souls and sky-souls by Netherlands
the Waves by Northsea/Sweden

I couldn´t resist buying those purple flower……

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