my sweet lord

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100% clear vision


[Verse 1]
I really wanna see you
Really wanna be with you
Really wanna see you, Lord
But it takes so long, my Lord

[Verse 2]
I really wanna know you
I’d really wanna go with you
I really wanna show you, Lord
That it won’t take long, my Lor

My sweet Lord (Hallelujah)
Mmm, my Lord (Hallelujah)
My sweet Lord (Hallelujah)

George Harrison

A missile was catch by the Waves from the Northsea, it happend on wednesday,right above where we/Lahealila,team,the Waves,the Field,army” where at Stockholm city. It were the alien terrorist organization M.P [M….ng P….e] who was behind this, 2 of them flew a helicopter with 2 of their children, who helped the adult with the missile. They are not a threat anymore.

The Waves by the Northsea still eats iodine tablets, against radiation,and use aloe vera gel against 80% burns,but they get better for each day. Damn those terrorists, who just can“t deal with that millions aliens,now have reach understanding with God.

Stockholm south

6 millions aliens/half monkeys have now reach understanding,terrorists can´t stop them!! They have now a wonderful time, and later on will they be recast on their own galaxies. 5,2 million are from USA,thereof 2,7 million were until now incarnated in USA,  and nearly 2,5 million have been incarnated in USA, and were until now above USA.  800 000 are from the rest of the world. God is with us


southern USA
the Northsea,Sweden

love/Laheallila,team,army,the Waves,the Field,Tussilago,God