angels of lightning

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100% clear vision

Hello, how you been?

This weekend we celebrate Midsummer in Sweden, friday-saturday mostly even sunday. Midsummer Eve has the longest day in the year, the sun goes up 03.30 and down 22.10.
For around a week it was tropical heat in Stockholm with 30-34 degrees in the shadow, but now under the Midsummer weekend it’s cooler, around 24 degrees, but still it feels tropically humid.

Midsummer cake

Last weekend,June 19-20, it were over 22000 Lightnings in Sweden, 19 636 are documented, the rest saw we with clear vision.
A while after the thunderstorm came 7000 angels of Lightning above my building for a friendly visit, when they were off duty.
What’s going on here, the angels wondered.
Now many of the angels of Lightning are helping us/the galaxy with our important work. I’m so thankful.

Photo:Aftonb. Lightnings from June 18-19,2021,Sweden.

Le vent, le cri – Ennio Morricone

I took this photo in my neighborhood,Stockholm.

Have a really nice Midsummer!

love/Lahealila, team, sky-army, sea-angels, seawave-angels, space-army, star-angels from out of space, angels of Lightning!


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100% clear vision


I will not tell you where
I will not tell you who
I will tell you 1,8 million fake votes
(I maybe tell you 3,5 years ago)


I tell you
My team took 5 aircrafts with missiles,total 24 aliens,it happened yesterday just above my building/area,Stockholm.The aircrafts started from USA,Canada,Australia.
Today my team took 9 aircrafts/helicopters with missiles,total 45 aliens,destination the area where I live.The aircrafts/helicopters started from USA,Canada,Australia,Greenland.Both days were the crew from the alien “terrorist organization” M.P
I belive they like this blog.

Please pray for security for everyone on earth and against lightning, air raid. Protection for all animals on earth and in heaven, and also for buildings.

close to Stockholm
5 times a year aliens use to have exhibition here at Alberta,Canada

Vangelis-Song Of The Seas
The dog from the video came by today and wants to say hello to you blog readers, and say also: thank you so much Lahealila/team for helping me the dog and my dog-friend with our problems.