140 more free stars

Publish 05.24 timezone Stockholm
100% clear vision
1197 trillion, 1197 000 000 000 000 visits/very last 24 hours.
1289 trillion, 1289 000 000 000 000 visit/very last 7 days.

Hello, how you been?

Yesterday it was 17 degrees and quite sunny in Stockholm.

Marvelous! 140 more free stars! The stars slipped out the latest 24 hours from the big black hole, at the south border on andromeda galaxy. This is happening because of the new era.

Congratulation Ukraine for place nr 1 last saturday at Eurovission song contest in Italy!


Give peace a chance – John Lennon
The whole audience sang along, with tears in their eyes, to this song which opened the Eurovission song contest 2022 in Rome, Italy.


I got summer vibes…
Aren’t they gorgeous these swimdresses, I’ll choose one of these when I swim in summer

Have a nice evening or a nice day, depending where you are located.

Love and peace/Lahealila,team,cobra,lions,angels

Haven raze

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100% clear vision

Hello, how you been!

Very many millions all over the world have homesickness and have now got help at several “raise up hands” parties in several countries. It’s very joyful to see how happy and loving they are to get help. Some of them asks “they are not going to catch me/us when we gets back to our galaxy?”
– No they are not going to catch you when you gets back!!!! You are loved.
Come home and I’ll throw the biggest party heaven has ever seen/Luke 15:7

Ballonger, Hjärtat, Sky, Moln, Kärlek, Romantik

Time and Place

The whole world is so welcome!!

Ongoing right now and several hours into daytime,timezone New York

Place: Central Park,Manhattan,New York,USA

What: Several people are there right now and are raising up their hands for you aliens!

Come astral!

Very many millions all over the world have joined this!

Countries with top rankings!
no 1 USA
no 2 Brazil
no 3 shared: China and Canada
no 4 shared: Russia and United Kingdom

no 5 Italy
millions from each of this countries and several millions from many other countries too. I will soon write a ranking list with many countries.

Central Park,Manhattan,New York
Central Park, New York,
Central Park,Manhattan,New York

We saw with clear vision that this song is largely about some aliens who escaped from messier 32 galaxy cause they were wanted, their haven raze is our galaxy.

Lyrics Haven Stay (Swedish: tillflyktsort för någon som är på rymmen)


The dark evolving me as well
It lingers on from where I can tell
I am yours and yours to blame now

Hell’s protecting I want to burn
You and me will never learn
Take a step away from me now, moving closer

Won’t you leave it alone darling
Wait for me, wait for me tonight, moving closer

If I’ll fall on the way
If I should fall from you
Keep it real haven stay

Stand in line for what it’s worth
It’s not better so much worse
They can’t help me, helpless blue eyes

Heartbeats pushing me aside
Closing in for one last try
The last breath forcing me to tell lies, moving closer

Won’t you leave it alone darling
Wait for me, wait for me tonight, moving closer

If I’ll fall on the way
If I should fall from you
Keep it real haven stay

Will you beg me to face
If I am able and true
Keep it still haven raze

If I’ll fall on the way
If I should fall from you
Keep it real haven stay
(real haven stay)

Will you beg me to face
If I am able and true
Keep it still haven raze
Moving closer

Haven Stay – Takida

Summer house,Värmdö,Sweden

Have a really nice evening or a really nice day, depending on where you are located!

love/Lahealila, team, sky-army, space-army, seawave-angels by Värmdö/Sweden, sea-angels by northsea/Sweden, angels

New Era 100% Body and Soul

publish 03.01 timezone Stockholm

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1051 trillion,1051 000 000 000 000visits/very last 7 days

100% clear vision

Hello, how you been?

The time has come for a new era, the era “100% Body and Soul”
The new era was named by 2 very high angels.
The new era wants:
Be 100% yourself
Understanding that the body always belongs to the soul.
Understanding that you keep the same heart and brain in each incarnations. Understanding that your heart and brain belongs exclusive to your soul.
Understanding that the planet is alive.
Understanding that oil is the planet’s blood.
Understanding that the planet is breathing natural gas, like humans are breathing oxygen.
Understanding that all galaxies are wonderful and perfect for the souls that became, were created on the galaxy.


Put your hand in God’s hand
and don’t look back
nothing is going to stop you now

Time and Place

The whole world is welcome!!

Time: Now

Place: Central Park,Manhattan,New York,USA

Time: 9 pm New York timezone – the whole night and into the morning

What: Several people will be there to raise up their hands for you aliens

Come astral

Very many millions all over the world have joined this!
USA and Brazil have shared first place.
Many also from, in turn order, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Indonesia, Spain, Syria, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, Mexico, Japan, France, India, Italy, Philippines, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Australia, Austria, Denmark and several more countries.

Central Park,Manhattan,New York
central park, alice in wonderland,new york,
Alice in Wonderland,Central Park,Manhattan,New York

Mama, I’m coming home – Ozzy Osbourne


Have a really nice evening or a really nice day, depending on where you are!

love/Lahealila,team,sky-army,sea-angels by Värmdö/Stockholm,seawave-angels by northsea/Sweden,space-army,Hoijasajama (Sea-God on messier 32 galaxy)

Surrendering all

publish 18.20 timezone Stockholm

100% clear vision


Today it´s sunny and 25 degrees in Stockholm,even sunny all week.


Now we/God is with us” have stopped totally 37 nuclear bombs,some of them we/army/God/Lahealila/team stopped during the production. It is the alien “terrorist organization” MP who is behind the bombs.

1807 aliens have now died from the alien “terrorist organization” MP, 20 have reached understanding and retreated.

For some days ago, I/Lahealila discovered the moon in wrong direction,I said to team to check it out!

The moon had moved sharply off it´s orbit. Tell God about it,I said to team,army. God came,and saw together with the army,it was on account off the nuclear bomb,I told you about latest. http://milkywaygalaxynews.com/sky/exploded-nuclear-bomb/

I said to God,team,army,you must check out if the sun too have moved off it`s orbit? After awhile they saw,the sun too had moved off it´s orbit.

God made ropes,then army,team,God surrounded the moon,the sun,draw them to right position in their orbit.

The planet,earth soul came by while I´m writing this,and says, thank you Lahealila for discovering this,sun,moon, wants to thank you so much too. I love you Lahealila. And thank so very much,Lahealila,for taking away my heavy headache,coused by a heavy lightning hitting my soul-head,I feel fine again,but I want nuclear bombs,missiles,other bombs, and nuclear power plants to be strongly forbidden! I hope you all listening now,take care of the planet/earth. I love my planet so unbelievable much/living earth soul

Please pray to protect our planet,the sun,the moon,heavenly heaven,our galaxy milkyway with all planets,suns,moons.


On request from a reader,Los Angeles/USA,this blog visits statistics: 3,1 millions visits/last 24 hours, 21,5 millions visits/last 7 days. Soon,the aliens who change the numbers in the statistics,will be gone. 83% of the visits are from USA,but 3,65 millions are from the rest of the world. Thank you all for joyning this,thank so much for all your prayers.

Note by june 16, 11.30 timezone Stockholm: Now this blog have 8 millions visits/last 24 hours.

The Dark Hedges/Ireland
Ribblehead viaduct/Ingleton,England,UK
Stella beach,Hauts de France
Isle of skye,Scotland,UK
Princes pier,Melbourne/Australia
Lugu lake/Yunnan,China
Rio de Janeiro ,Brazil
Cameron,tea plantage,Malaysia
Dubai,United Arab Emirates

Music is a peaceful,powerful weapon.

I love this song so much,when we played it in the morning,where 52 aliens nearby,instantly they died.

National anthem,Sweden


Love peace/Lahealila,team,Tussilago,army,God

new shock

publish 21.44 timezone Stockholm

clear vision


as we didnt had enough problem………more killings

Maybe you remember what I wrote Sept 7 if not here comes refreshing………

// It have recently come to my knowledge that several very high souls in our sky has been killed by aliens from messier 32 galaxy. Among them Mother Maria, Ashtar, sankt Peter, sankt Pier, archangel Michael, sankt Claus, Lucifer, Mauritz.

First they have been cold bloody murdered and then also stolen of their identity, we recently discowered this. The killing has been from 400 years ago to 865 years ago but we didn`t discovered it until now because of their stolen identity.

The cold bloody killers are now in hell and some in sky-jail.//

// We are in shock actually has so many as 18 of our galaxy milkyways 21 highest been cool blooddy murdered!!!!!!! // (This sentence from Oct 17)


Maybe you also remember that we have found 4 soul-angels sankt Peter, Lord Lucifer, sankt Claus, Ashtar and that we have awakened them again.

But yesterday I discovered suddenly that sankt Claus who we have awakened wasnt the real one nor, the matter of fact he was also from messier 32 galaxy, and he had in turn murdered the one before him of course also from messier 32 galaxy. Maybe I should repeat this 6 times but I think you got the point, there have then been 7 murder and everyone of these 7 wanted to be sankt Claus but only one was the real one…..dear lord!

And after that shock I asked the one who murdered sankt Peter – how many sankt Peter have been murdered? 6 or 7 sankt Peter have been murdered, he answered. Dear lord!

It became a competition, several from andromeda wanted to be sankt Claus and sankt Peter and its the same thing with several of the other 18 high souls who have been murdered.

Summer, Sunset, Meadow, Nature, Landscape, Sun

And the alien-riot I told you about recently is still ongoing, it just happens too much right now!

Please help us with prayers……thanks!

Pray for all safety and that our galaxy milkyway`s zones shall remain close against aliens.

Christopher Cross – Arthur’s Theme