Ethanol without limits!

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Congratulation world!
Over 27 000 petrol cars are now rebuilt into ethanol cars and 110 000 more are lining up, since october 7, 2 weeks ago, when I first of everybody wrote aboute rebuilding cars to ethanol powered cars.
The whole world are with us in this, we could see 62 countries that began to rebuild petrol cars and some diesel cars into ethanol powered cars.
We could also see 200 000 more soon lining up!
And after that, saw we 700 000 lining up, and more is coming…
Earth is welcoming this so much, the fossil emissions will be dramatically reduced to less than half, on entire globe.

The score right now, in rebuilding petrol cars into ethanol powered cars,since oct 7, 2021
1. USA 4000 rebuilt car, with 10 000 lining up.
2. Russia 2511 rebuilt car, with 5000 lining up.
3. Japan 500 rebuilt car, with 5000 lining up.
4. Brazil 500 rebuilt car with 4750 lining up.
5. Ukraine 495 rebuilt car, with 2000 lining up.
6. China 470 rebuilt car, with 6000 lining up.

7. United Kingdom 407 rebuilt car, with 5000 lining up.
And 55 contries more…

The limit of ethanol don’t stop here…
The next level is for electricity consumtion, for apartments, houses, companies.
Ethanol can be used instead of nuclear power, oil, coal power,natural gas, methane.
Solar energy and wind turbines are also fossil-free energy sources.

The nature, earth, galaxy will thank you one day…


How it started…what I wrote october 7,2021…

The best car fuel for the planet
The first invented car was run on ethanol, totally without car exhaust. It’s more benefits, it’s easier to drive than a car on petrol, accelerates faster than a car on petrol, it’s easier to turn than a car on petrol, low price.
Ethanol is on the market – right now 75% lower price than petrol.
Your old car can easily transform to an ethanol powered car, by a specialist in rebuilding cars into ethanol powered cars. The car rebuild can take between 2-6 hours, for tracks 4-10 hours.
Remember were you read it first.

57% of the car racing’s winners raced with an ethanol-powered car, but only 6% of the cars were ethanol-powered.

This fine blue butterfly transformed directly from a fallen leaf, when a sunbeam happened to hit the fallen leaf before it reached the ground, it happened in July, 2021, Stockholm. It’s the new era!
The photo is taken late in August,2021, Sollentuna,Stockholm.


Tomorrow is a long time – Bob Dylan, live version/Bristol,England

Bristol,England,United kingdom

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