its burning on andromeda´s sky

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still supported astral by the priest from 112 on duty (911/USA)
 and now 5 sky-police horses.


The sky (heavenly sky) is burning on andromeda-galaxy

A moment ago I/Lahealila heard a airy explosion, I said to my team “it must be on andromeda-galaxy”. Tony who is here briefly astral from USA checked it up and said “the sky is burning at andromeda-galaxy!”
It started earlier today with 99,9% black holes at andromeda-galaxy`s sky which lift off the fire, now are nearly 70% of andromeda´s sky surface burning.
Its uncertain how long it will burn.
Andromeda-galaxy is located near to our galaxy milkyway.

The burning and the black holes is happening because of their behavior against other galaxies, especially against our galaxy milkyway

On andromeda-galaxy´s planet are the seas full of black holes which swirls violently, the seas have now about 97,8% black holes and the whole ozean looks grey-black, you can´t swim in the ozean, if you try then you would be phased into the swirls and not be able to go ashore again
Thousands of people have fainted and several have died both on andromeda-galaxy´s planet and in their heaven.

Please  pray that  our galaxy milkyway  not shall be affected by annihilation movements from andromeda-galaxy, and that our galaxy´s zones shall remain closed against andromeda galaxy.

Andromeda galaxy is a lower-energy galaxy and they are forbidden enter upon our galaxy milkyway`s zones and all incarnation is forbidden and unlawfully  Its still 4 sky-police stations/with hostage” occupied by citizens from andromeda-galaxy,above South Dakota/USA, above London/uk, above Paris/France  

Dio – Holy Diver

love peace /Lahealila/team