Higher energy

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100% clear vision
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Hello, how you been?

The new era,100% Body and Soul, has bring in much higher energy on earth and over the whole galaxy.
Can you feel it?
It’s wonderful!
This means it very soon will be peace everywhere on earth and in heaven.

Please, pray that no alien will ever more kill or harm anyone from this galaxy again.

The new era has reached also andromeda galaxy. It’s fantastic, over 270 living stars have already slipped out from the big black hole, on the outskirts of andromeda galaxy, all because of the new era!
It so great that over 200 living stars slipped out in only the 2 latest days from the big black hole.
It’s amazing, the big black hole is about to disappear in a few months, because of the new era!

The big black hole, on the outskirts of andromeda, contains unbelievable 100 million living stars from the entire cosmos, in only a few months will all the stars be free from the black whole!
It will be even higher energy in cosmos with this 100 million free stars, free to go wherever they want in cosmos, where they are needed.
The stars will ensure that there will be peace in cosmos
, on every planet and in heaven.

The black hole started to exist for 100 trillions years ago when a sun died, after 100 year disappeared its planet also into the black hole, and after that 100 million stars during trillions of years.

Gold in heaven,authentic photo from end of August/2021,Borås,Sweden

Antonio Vivaldi – Four Seasons
Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, was born on March 4, 1678 in Venice,Italy and died on July 28, 1741 in Vienna,Austria.

Budapest Strings,Bela Banfalvi, Conductor

new era,sweden,

Have a really nice weekend!

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