Do they Know it’s Christmas

publish 18.56 swedish time

clear vision


Do they Know it’s Christmas ~ Band Aid

Please help before anyone more dies, you can help enormous when you pray.

2 sky-police stations/with hostage” are still occupied by around 12-17 citizens from andromeda galaxy-sky, for a few hours ago died one of the hostages, a very helpful policeman from a sky-police station above USA.

And about 8 citizen from andromeda-galaxy have still occupied the sky-jail/with hostage” above Stockholm/Sweden, they actually moved the sky-jail so its located just above my building.

Pray for protection for body and life and that our galaxy milkyway`s zones shall remain closed against andromeda galaxy.

It has now increased to about 87 black holes at andromeda-galaxy, because of their behavior against other galaxies that means that movements has started for a elimination of the andromeda-galaxy.

Look alike a true knight-angel who has taken the head off a neanderthal from andromeda galaxy, it happened in real just above Manhattan/NY/us for nearly exactly 10 years ago.

love peace/Lahealila