skyangels milkyway

publish 03.15 timezone Stockholm clear vision


Today have we/one skyhorse,Lahealila with team” founded a association we named to “skyangels milkyway”.

Among other things, we will help find missing persons/some animals”, and we will have several animal members to help and Marco, who was killed a while ago by 2 men from andromeda galaxy, one got 16 years and the other one got 12 years in swedish jail.

Infact, today I saw a picture at a web magazine of Marco and the 2 killers and then Marco felt someone was thinking on him and then he came down to us on earth, by looking of the pictures we saw that the killers were from andromeda galaxy with unauthorized incarnation/Sweden.

eCar Expo, a 600-meter-long two-lane road runs through.

Now on friday a electric car show starts at “Friends Arena” in Stockholm, Feb 6,7,8.

You can test drive 12 new E-Cars on the world´s biggest indoor track, E-Bikes you can test drive too.

Friends arena/Stockholm,Råsta Strandväg 1,Solna

i love…..

Frank Sinatra – My Way/Live At Madison Square Garden-1974

north Italy

love/Lahealila with team and sky-horse

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