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100% clear vision


I’m not at home right now, so I’m writing from my cell phone.

I’m so sorry to say that one of the highest is kidnapped since july 1.

The person is kidnapped by the alien terrorist organization M.P/USA, and is on a partly abandoned hospital,located in Stockholm city,Skanstull.

Only 20 aliens are still alive in the organization M.P

Please help with prayers, so this importent person will be released quickly. Its so meaningfully with prayers.



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  2. DKL. Love your comment.The gospel according to Ron:Did I receive this as revelation or am I specilatung? Good question. I don’t even know.I think in the premortal live we were allowed to choose some of our challenges. Why did I choose infertility instead of great wealth as my trial? I don’t know. I’d like to have a talk with my premortal self and smack him around because I think he made a pretty dumb choice.

  3. It acatlluy runs in a A-B-C format. So if the train in front of you has the spirit, you get wolves, then the train behind you gets the storm, and then it repeats. It would be nice if it was synced with the trains though so you knew which scene you were getting.

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