Ashtar found alive

clear vision


Ashtars soul-angel has return!


Ashtar was cool bloody murdered for 497 years ago by a neandertal from andromeda galaxy, we didn´t discovered until now because he also got his identity caught.

Andomeda galaxy is lower-energy galaxy and are forbidden enter upon our galaxy milkyway`s zones.

For a few days ago Doggie, a very nice dog contacted the sky-police above London and West Virginia/us to get rid of some stalking andromeds as they put into sky-jail, 13 andromeds to sky-jail London/uk and 8 andromeds to sky-jail West Virginia/us.


Well after a well done job I told the sky-police about that Ashtar were cool bloody murdered but that his soul-angel might be alive. Doggie felt ihe was flying near another galaxy long way from home and show him up as in a medial film.

Me Lahealila asked if they wanted to see how we work when we call on Ashtars soul-angel and 3 policemen started to call on Ashtar, and Ashtar came flying into Rogers/sky-police London palm. Roger was recently incarnate in Scotland/uk.

We all are so happy that Ashtar is alive!!!!!!!! Ashtar is feeling rather tired but is very happy to be alive.

Ashtar came by and wants to say thank you Lahealila and your team. He is feeling much better now, regards to everyone from Ashtar.

Thanks for all prayers for Ashtars and archangel Michaels soul-angel.

west virginia/us

Pray for our galaxy milkyway`s zones shall remain close against andromeda galaxy

Kiss – I was made for lovin’ you


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