Transylvania 2

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100% clear vision


Vlad III Dracul´s castle,Transylvania,Romania

continuing from

Now Vlad III Dracul was dying, worms locked out of his eyes, fell out of his mouth as he spoke, he had worms inside his full body, but he was still walking.

6 months later, a beautiful spring-morning year 1640, he took his last breath.
He woke up and was speaking out load “I´m lonely but not so lonely”, as he saw 5 angels coming down from the sky to fetch him.
His days as prince Vlad III Dracul was now over, he had been living for 210 years as Vlad III Dracul.
This was his second funeral, his first funeral was year 1510, after that was he living as a zombie, a walking dead.

Now Vlad III Dracul is serving a 500-year sentence down in Romania´s hell. He will probably be free year 2140, that means he will be in hell for another 120 years.

At hell is Vlad III Dracul still acting as a vampire and a wild beast. He bites the other prisoner and the guards in the neck about once a week, so it´s at least more seldom now.

While I´m writing this we can see he´s a half-monkey/alien,80% half-monkey and 20% monkey, from andromeda galaxy. 5 times has he been incarnated on earth, but not as a vampire before.
We will now report to the hell at Romania that “the vampire” is a alien/half-monkey, puh!

Vlad III Dracul´s castle,Transylvania,Romania
Transylvania,Romania, 2750 field-souls came while I was looking at this picture,they are now here helping against dangerous aliens. Thank you so very much!!!!

Presence now
This night the sky-army throw away a airplane 200 meters with a 20 kilos nuclear bomb on board, the crew,4 aliens from the terrorist organization M.P, died immediately. It happened near my building.

The sky-army and the field-souls by Transylvania have also stopped a helicopter who just lift from Minneapolis/USA, with a 8,7 kilos nuclear bomb on board.

Right now the sky-armies,8 angels,the field by Transylvania stops a helicopter that tried to lift from Maine,Australia, with 4 missiles on board.
They have also stopped the production of 8 nuclear bombs
All happened tonight.
Thank you all so very much!!!!

Please help with prayers

Dear Lord, help to catch alien terrorists and 8 spaceships that are on our galaxy right now, help us dear Lord. Amen


When I was listening/looking to this music video, Sammy Davis Jr came by and are now helping to catch aliens. He wants to say hello to you all!

Mr.Bojangles-Sammy Davis Jr, live Germany



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100% clear vision


Dracula has exists in real

His real name was prince Vlad III Dracul, he was born year 1430 in Transylvania, Romania.

Vlad III Dracul´s castle,Transylvania,Romania

He was living as Vlad III Dracul until year 1640, that means, he lived for 210 years, he was a zombie,a walking dead, the last 130 years of his life.

When he died the first time, when he was 80 years old, they had a funeral. 4 weeks later, he told everyone he been away, they must have buried someone else. He had just manage to materialize.

He became known for paving the roads with prisoners of war and prisoners, who had been piled alive on stilts.

Vlad III Dracul was a bloodthirsty vampire

When he became a zombie he became a bloodthirsty vampire too. He drank his servants,gardeners,friends,officers and visitors blood. Daytime they were part of it, but nighttime not.
Daytime he bit them in their arms, often only with a half approval
At night he bit them in the neck, if they woke up, he beat them in the head.
He drank blood cause he didn´t thought he could eat food as a zombie, but of course he could eat.
This will be continued…..

Vlad III Dracul¨s castle,Transylvania,Romania

Help from above!

While I´m writing this I heard several crows croaking loudly, they had seen a helicopter with 6 alien terrorists from the organization M.P. All 6 aliens serial-died of the crows` croaking!
There was also a half-developed missile on board. Thank you so much crows!!!!


Please help with prayers

Dear Lord, help the sky-armies to catch 7 spaceships, that are here now, and protect so no more spacecrafts will come over from Messier 32 galaxy. Amen


Everything I Do-Bryan Adams, live Wembley, London