Mick: i love you all

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Mick – I love you all escpeciell Lahealila. Now I need to cool down for a while says Lahealila. because I recently died of broken heart disease. Arne Waise come bye tonight , we nearly died at the same time. Arne said you need to cool down for a time now.

Otherwise Mick has been spion on Lahealilas earlier life love-life. so now he´s jelous at the cashier down at her grocery as he happen to be her former lover when she was incarnate in Ohio/us. And now Mick is stalking all her previous life and right now when she was a high level singer at a higher galaxy phonix, she´s copywrite and Mick is very fond of her singing voice and artistry.

And now is Mick anesthesia Jesus as he still is stalking Lahealila.

Rolling Stones – Start Me Up

Mick-Lahealila I´m sorry for acting weird and jelous against you but I troly are in love with you