Wonderful result

publish 03.42 timezone Stockholm

15,8 trillion, 15 897 000 000 000 visits/very last 24 hours.
25,8 trillion, 25 874 000 000 000 visits/very last 7 days.

100% clear vision


Even higher result than last time, we are really surprised!
920 trillion!, 920 000 000 000 000 troublesome, dangerous aliens have died on our galaxy the latest 20 hours, because of everybody’s prayers. Of these, 20 milliard were incarnate, the rest were living in heaven on our galaxy milkyway. But still there are dangerous aliens out there.
We are so happy you are raising up your hands for the galaxy! We couldn’t thank you enough. You are loved
Still it needs more prayers, please continue to raise up your hands for the galaxy.

Sea-God wants to thank you all from the bottom of his heart!

Dear Lord, please protect the earth and heaven against alien intruders and alien terrorists, dear Lord help us. Amen

Thank God It’s Christmas – Queen

The singer, passed away, Freddie Mercury came suddenly down from heaven when I was listening to this video, he’s saying: I love that you are taking care of the problem about the aliens we have on the galaxy. It’s remarkably less aliens now than for a while ago, I love it!! Now you can go around and not be afraid to be killed up here in heaven. I want to say I love you all and especial you who takes care of everything around the aliens.
I wish you all a heavenly awesome Christmas. /Freddie Mercury

Sandemar, Stockholm

Have a really nice evening or day depending on where you are located.

love/Lahealila, team, sky-army, sea-angels by Värmdö/Stockholm, seawaves-angels by Northsea/Sweden, Sea-God