Stuck on the Himalayas

publish 05.18 timezone Stockholm

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Yesterday, monday morning at 04.50 I said to my team “We better check where the moon is”.
– It’s stuck on the Himalayas!
We told the star-angels about it and in 40 minutes they had moved the moon 2000 meters away from the Himalayas.

Yesterday evening, June 5, at 20.10 timezone Stockholm, I felt again we had to check where the moon is. The moon was stuck on the Himalayas, Peru, again, since 20 minutes. Again we told the star-angels that the moon was stuck.
This time the star-angels moved the moon 7000 meters away from the Himalayas, it took 2 hours.
Meanwhile we told some friends from USA about the moon’s position, they took a helicopter to the moon and put one America flag there, they became the first to walk on the moon without spacesuit and without a oxygen mask!

The Himalayas
Apollo 11, Buzz Aldrin, 1969,
Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11, 1969
The Himalayas
Full Moon,

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