full andromeda


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This evening we are support astral by Nikki, Rod

Patti Smith is a former friend to Jagger and Rod Stewart as we and Lahealila, Nikki became stalkt of Patti, Stefano discovered that she was a full andromeda who has murdered 4 humanbean and their souls. Mick, Rod and Nikki were in this precens now at sky-jail above LA/us and Put Patti in sky-jail, but after few hour they released her, now the sky-police are awaiting new regulations.

Pray for all safety and that our galaxy milkyway`s zones shall remain close against andromeda galaxy.

In this precens now 5 andomeda-creepers passed away and 22 faited because of your folks prayers.

chosen by Nikki dedicated for Lahealilas ears.

Sometimes When We Touch – Dan Hill