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100% clear vision
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Hello, how you been?

It’s so fun with this list, don’t you think!?
The nature is so thankful too!
Can you believe it, 1,7 million cars in USA and 1,1 million cars in China are lining up for rebuilding to ethanol powered cars!!

The score right now, in rebuilding petrol cars into ethanol powered cars,since oct 7, 2021, when I first wrote about it.
Congratulations world!

1. USA 175 190 rebuilt cars, with 1,7 million cars lining up.
2. China 170 504 rebuilt cars, with 1,1 million cars lining up.
3. Russia 78 638 rebuilt cars, with 34 000 cars lining up.
4. United Kingdom 78 606 rebuilt cars, with 70 000 cars lining up.
5. Japan 8627 rebuilt cars, with 15 000 cars lining up.
6. Brazil 8164 rebuilt cars, with 8000 cars lining up.
7. Ukraine 5172 rebuilt cars, with 850 cars lining up.
8. Australia 3574 rebuilt cars, with 6800 cars lining up.
9. Argentina 3052 rebuilt cars, with 6500 cars lining up.
10. Canada 2561 rebuilt cars, with 5400 cars lining up.
11. Germany 2441 rebuilt cars, with 4000 cars lining up.
12. Ireland 2062 rebuilt cars, with 8000 cars lining up.
13. France 1772 rebuilt cars, with 10 700 cars lining up.
14. Mexico 170
2 rebuilt cars, with 5000 cars lining up.
15. Sweden 1554 rebuilt cars, with 4700 cars lining up.

16. Italy 1454 rebuilt cars, with 460 cars lining up.
17. Spain 1042 rebuilt cars, with 4560 cars lining up.
18. Denmark 941 rebuilt cars, with 2700 cars lining up.
19. Indonesia 914 rebuilt cars, with 2000 cars lining up.
20. Philippines 821 rebuilt cars, with 1400 cars lining up.
21. Finland 670 rebuilt cars, with 1070 cars lining up.
22. India 606 rebuilt cars, with 8000 cars lining up.
23. Iceland 570 rebuilt cars, with 1700 cars lining up.

24. Monaco 552 rebuilt cars, with 1000 cars lining up.
25. Iran 495 rebuilt cars, with 4000 cars lining up.
26. Switzerland 476 rebuilt cars, with 2000 cars lining up
27. South Africa 476 rebuilt cars, with 4000 cars lining up.
28. Iraq 471 rebuilt car, with 210 cars lining up.
29. Korea 456 rebuilt car, with 470 cars lining up.
30. Norway 370 rebuilt car, with 7 lining up.
31. Netherlands 102 rebuilt cars, with 4 cars lining up.
32. Poland 101 rebuilt cars, with 4 cars lining up.


The best car fuel for the planet
The first invented car was run on ethanol, totally without car exhaust. It’s more benefits, it’s easier to drive than a car on petrol, accelerates faster than a car on petrol, it’s easier to turn than a car on petrol, low price.
Ethanol is on the market – right now 75% lower price than petrol.
Your old car can easily transform to an ethanol powered car, by a specialist in rebuilding cars into ethanol powered cars. The car rebuild can take between 2-6 hours, for tracks 4-10 hours.
Remember were you read it first.

South Africa
Härjedalen, Sweden

Smile – Nat King Cole

Jan 2022, Sälen,Sweden

Have a really nice evening or day!

Love/Lahealila, team, sky-army, cobra,lions

half-monkey planet

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100% clear vision


Today its sunny and 30 degrees in Stockholm…..puh!

There is so much to do, while I´m writing this are nearly 1 million aliens,987.000,
above Stockholm, waiting to take step one.
19 million, 19.000 000, have already taken step one to be recast on their own
galaxies, Messier 32,Andromeda, they are feeling peaceful and joyful.

Old Town,Stockholm



Half-monkey planets

Messier 32 and Andromeda are 2 half-monkey galaxies, it´s that level the galaxies,
the planets have reach.
Next level in the future are “neanddertals”,the earlier human race.
Level after that,in the future, are “homo sapiens”the modern human race.

Our galaxy Milkyway have reach level for “homo sapiens”,the modern human race,
but for a long time ago we also had half-monkeys.

It´s to little oxygen on Messier 32 and on Andromeda, but in 8 years there will be enough oxygen for incarnation. But even so they have already start to incarnate,
therefore they have formed gills on the cheeks, like fish to breath with.

fish Zitronenfalter

i love……
Smile-Nat King Cole

United Kingdom

love/Lahealila,team,army,Tussilago, the Wave by Northsea/Sweden, the Field by Brazil,
sea-souls by Lushan, China, mountain-soul by Ireland, sea-souls by Neist Point/
United Kingdom, waterfalls-souls by Kumamoto/Japan, mount Robson by Canada,
field ocean sky-souls by Netherlands