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Do you remember when I for a while ago wrote about the very big black hole, at the border of andromeda galaxy?
The higher energy, cosmos loving energy, makes the big black hole smaller and smaller, it makes stars come out of the black hole.
In less than 9 month have now 42 000 stars slipped out of the black hole, and that means even higher energy in cosmos. Isn’t that wonderful!
The big black hole contains unbelievable 100 million living stars!

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starry sky

Last weekend were it 2 new meteorite fallout from the sun, they were crying after help “Help me, help me”, their tears were raining over us.
The team helped the first one to Nevada desert,USA, the second to fields in China.
No one was hurt at Nevada, but in China were a man and a deer only 2 meters away from the meteorite, they became so shocked so their heart stopped, but they got help and are still living. They are feeling fine today.
The meteorite were very big, size 1,4 miles × 0,7 miles, the second 1,2 miles × 0,6 miles. Highest top 0,4 miles.

Sugartop mountains,China

Let your love flow – Bellamy Brothers

Only authentic photo, 2021, Skåne,Sweden

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