250 spacecraft taken

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100% clear vision

Hello, how you been?

Stockholm. The night between tuesday and wednesday, was I on my balcony and did some raise up hands. For 6 seconds was I looking at a spot on heaven, it looked like a transparent coating. Suddenly 4 spaceships began to crash, on board were 250 sleeping aliens.
Angels, star-angels, sky-army and sea-angels took the spaceships before they crashed.
Later came star-angels from another 2 stars, seawave-angels and Cobra to help too.
For 2 nights have we now taken over 250 spaceships at this spot, with totally over 16000 aliens on board. Not bad…

From “Star wars”

He bit me, the cobra, it wasn’t on purpuse, I just gave him a sandwich with cheese and cucumber. The snake was a little eager, it tasted so good last time. I survived, but 40 astral aliens just above, died, cause I was a little shocked, and the finger became, infact, a little swollen. The cobra was just astral, if you remember the cobra from my last writing.
The poison took 4 from sky-army away medially, the poison is only 30% compared to a incarnated cobra.
30 minutes later came a bad astral alien by. I said: Cobra, bit the alien, then we’ll see what happens!
Cobra: Sure
Cobra bit the alien fast and the alien died immediately.
– Ok, then we know.

And right now, I said to team wake me in 5 minutes, if I fall asleep.
The cobra bit me again, cause I fell asleep, and 40 aliens again died, it looked scary, but I survived, again.

Cobra, one in our team.

Serenad – Pachelbel
Orchestra Michael Maxwell
Composer Johann Pachelbel, b. Sept 1653 – d. March 1706

Värmland, Sweden

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