Rescued by sea-angels

publish 01.24 timezone Stockholm

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100% clear vision


So much has happened …..

Today, wednesday at 16.10 Swedish time took the sea-angels by Värmdö/Stockholm care of 4 helicopters from Colorado Springs/USA, with 15 aliens in the crew. They just looked the aliens in their eyes for a second and they died. This happened above Stockholm.

The helicopters took off earlier today from Colorado Springs/USA with visible nuclear bombs,3-4 kilo, under the helicopters. The crew belonged to the known organization M.P.

This time the helicopters were photographed by 4 people and seen by 7 people. All 4 have sent photos of the helicopters with visible nuclear bombs to 2 different newsrooms in USA and Canada.


Today we happened to talk about Värmdö in Stockholm, and suddenly 5000 sea-angels came from the sea at Värmdö. They remembered me from some visits by the sea at Värmdö. The sea-angels are helping us so much. I’m so grateful, it seems much lighter now.

Now I see the solution for some extra awkward stalkers, the sea-angels told us they use to take them to the sea and drown them until they ends up in their soul-angel. Later on will they of course be recast on their own galaxies, most Messier 32 galaxy and some belongs to andromeda galaxy. This is wonderful news!

“Earlier you could see me write “sea-souls” but now we know they are sea-angels. Sea-angels from Värmdö have very visible angel wings, cause Värmdö is only one mile away from Stockholm city. Sea-angels by Lushan/China are helping us a lot too, but their angel wings are only a little visible, cause China is on the other side of the planet, but at Lushan/China their angel wings are very visible. And it’s the same with mountain-angels and earth-angels. Earth-angels by Brazil (I wrote before “field-souls”) have also helped us a lot, and mountain-angels by Neist Point/United Kingdom too. Thank you all so very much.”

You can help with prayers. Thank you all so very much for your prayers, 210 troublesome,dangerous aliens have died, since last I wrote, because of your prayers.

Dear Lord, please protect the earth and heaven against alien terrorists, dear Lord help us. Amen

Right now there are another 4 helicopters flying around above Stockholm with 14 aliens in the crew. The helicopters took off from Colorado Springs earlier tonight Swedish time, with visible nuclear bombs under the helikopters. A lot of angels, sea-angels by Värmdö/Stockholm, earth-angels by Brazil, mountain-angels by Neist Point/United Kingdom, sky-army and team are working with this now…..

This time were the helicopters photographed by 7 people and seen by 20, 6 of them have sent photos of the helicopters to 4 different newsrooms in USA, Canada, Paris/France, Denmark.

Alpha – Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre


love/Lahealila, team, sky-army, 11 angels, sea-angels by Värmdö/Stockholm