Stuck on the Himalayas

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100% clear vision


Yesterday, monday morning at 04.50 I said to my team “We better check where the moon is”.
– It’s stuck on the Himalayas!
We told the star-angels about it and in 40 minutes they had moved the moon 2000 meters away from the Himalayas.

Yesterday evening, June 5, at 20.10 timezone Stockholm, I felt again we had to check where the moon is. The moon was stuck on the Himalayas, Peru, again, since 20 minutes. Again we told the star-angels that the moon was stuck.
This time the star-angels moved the moon 7000 meters away from the Himalayas, it took 2 hours.
Meanwhile we told some friends from USA about the moon’s position, they took a helicopter to the moon and put one America flag there, they became the first to walk on the moon without spacesuit and without a oxygen mask!

The Himalayas
Apollo 11, Buzz Aldrin, 1969,
Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11, 1969
The Himalayas
Full Moon,

Have a really nice evening or a really nice day!

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half-monkey planet

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100% clear vision


Today its sunny and 30 degrees in Stockholm…..puh!

There is so much to do, while I´m writing this are nearly 1 million aliens,987.000,
above Stockholm, waiting to take step one.
19 million, 19.000 000, have already taken step one to be recast on their own
galaxies, Messier 32,Andromeda, they are feeling peaceful and joyful.

Old Town,Stockholm



Half-monkey planets

Messier 32 and Andromeda are 2 half-monkey galaxies, it´s that level the galaxies,
the planets have reach.
Next level in the future are “neanddertals”,the earlier human race.
Level after that,in the future, are “homo sapiens”the modern human race.

Our galaxy Milkyway have reach level for “homo sapiens”,the modern human race,
but for a long time ago we also had half-monkeys.

It´s to little oxygen on Messier 32 and on Andromeda, but in 8 years there will be enough oxygen for incarnation. But even so they have already start to incarnate,
therefore they have formed gills on the cheeks, like fish to breath with.

fish Zitronenfalter

i love……
Smile-Nat King Cole

United Kingdom

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