Over 270 000 aliens passed away

publish 20.12 timezone Stockholm

1824 431 290 000 visits/very last 24 hours, 8942 472 570 000 visits/very last 7 days.

100% clear vision


You been so good, so amazing, you people all over the world!!!!
You pray so perfectly so 277 528 dangerous, troublesome aliens have died in only 21 hours!
I/Lahealila, team, sky-army, sea-angels by Värmdö, seawave-angels by Northsea/Sweden are so thrilled!

Dear Lord, please protect the earth and heaven against alien intruders and alien terrorists, dear Lord help us. Amen

Ännu glöder solen (Still the sun is glowing) – Nordman


Have a really nice evening or a really nice day, depending on where you are located!

love/Lahealila, team, sky-army, sea-angels by Värmdö/Stockholm, seawave-angels by Northsea/Sweden