Jagger talking

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Mick Jagger- I´m still here at Lahealilas place, I heard rumors that my heart still beating at the hospital were I lay right now, but I´m not at hospital I´m at Lahealilas.

Mick – I almost had 7 heart disease recently because of my dedicating Iove for Lahealila

Mick – Right now I´m at Lahealilas and Billy Idol is here too eating Lahealilas new cooked pasta with mince and basil tomato sauce, rather good stuff. Now Billy is giving a helping hand with a stalking rather cracy dog who had human-insiering, he will be taking to the cremation and later on he will be a new-born dog. Human-inisiering goes seldom well at dogs, they can fall in love in someone and then get very jealous. R.I.P. doggie

Mick and Billy dedicate this song to Lahealilas ears

meat loaf – anything for love


Mick: i love you all

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Mick – I love you all escpeciell Lahealila. Now I need to cool down for a while says Lahealila. because I recently died of broken heart disease. Arne Waise come bye tonight , we nearly died at the same time. Arne said you need to cool down for a time now.

Otherwise Mick has been spion on Lahealilas earlier life love-life. so now he´s jelous at the cashier down at her grocery as he happen to be her former lover when she was incarnate in Ohio/us. And now Mick is stalking all her previous life and right now when she was a high level singer at a higher galaxy phonix, she´s copywrite and Mick is very fond of her singing voice and artistry.

And now is Mick anesthesia Jesus as he still is stalking Lahealila.

Rolling Stones – Start Me Up

Mick-Lahealila I´m sorry for acting weird and jelous against you but I troly are in love with you


Mick Jagger R.I.P.

Tonight Mick Jagger passed away.

Mick says that he died of broken heart to Lahealila, I died twice on broken heart disease, but I´m feeling rather well now that Lahealila said that we can meet in her other ongoing life in the paralellel life on the high sphere where Lahealila is 16 years old. There could Mick matriculate himself with his body. One of Micks 28 years old doughter is here but she doesn´t support Mick with his thoughts about start living in the parallel life.

Choosen by Mick

deicated to Lahealilas ears

Boy George – Everything I Own


jaggers exgirlfriend/andromeda

very latest news

Mick Jaggers ded ex-girlfriend Scott came visit Mick Jagger and Bruce while they were here astralt talking to mine Lahealila cat. Suddenly she start acting weird and kittemiss says she`s from Andromeda galaxy and she has killed 4 people. So Mick and Bruce are in this presens now taking her to sky-jail above us for investigation.

Folks continue with prayers.

Pray for all safety and that our galaxy milkyway`s zones shall remain close against andromeda galaxy.

The Rolling Stones – Start Me Up