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100% clear vision
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Hello, how you been?

For about 1 year ago when it was 40 degrees or more at some areas in the world, I asked sky-army if people in those areas could take 1 pill of painkillers, containing paracetamol, to lower their body temperature, as they are antipyretic.
Sky-army said, yes it can lower their body temperaure, not a bad idea at all.
I never wrote about it at that time, but now I hear that India has 40 degrees or more, I’ll better write about it, soon maybe other areas as well.

Here are facts about painkillers to lower body temerature, said by sky-army.
If it’s 40 degrees or more in the area, you can lower your body temperature by…
I pill of painkiller, containing 500 mg paracetamol, every 4 hours.
It can lower the body temperature 4-7 degrees.
If it’s 40 degrees or more in the area, can the body temperature be as high as 43-50 degrees.
Good luck!


Beethoven – Silence
Musician – Ernesto Cortazar

Perfect in summer…
I ordered these in white, they comes next week. If they are good, I maybe buy black too…

Have a nice evening or a nice day, depending where you are located.

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New Era 100% Body and Soul

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100% clear vision

Hello, how you been?

The time has come for a new era, the era “100% Body and Soul”
The new era was named by 2 very high angels.
The new era wants:
Be 100% yourself
Understanding that the body always belongs to the soul.
Understanding that you keep the same heart and brain in each incarnations. Understanding that your heart and brain belongs exclusive to your soul.
Understanding that the planet is alive.
Understanding that oil is the planet’s blood.
Understanding that the planet is breathing natural gas, like humans are breathing oxygen.
Understanding that all galaxies are wonderful and perfect for the souls that became, were created on the galaxy.


Put your hand in God’s hand
and don’t look back
nothing is going to stop you now

Time and Place

The whole world is welcome!!

Time: Now

Place: Central Park,Manhattan,New York,USA

Time: 9 pm New York timezone – the whole night and into the morning

What: Several people will be there to raise up their hands for you aliens

Come astral

Very many millions all over the world have joined this!
USA and Brazil have shared first place.
Many also from, in turn order, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Indonesia, Spain, Syria, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, Mexico, Japan, France, India, Italy, Philippines, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Australia, Austria, Denmark and several more countries.

Central Park,Manhattan,New York
central park, alice in wonderland,new york,
Alice in Wonderland,Central Park,Manhattan,New York

Mama, I’m coming home – Ozzy Osbourne


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