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100% clear vision


Stopped terror attack

Now in the morning Swedish time, I/Lahealila suddenly hear a sound of a airplane/helicopter in a song from the radio. I shouted to team, army, 8 angels, we must check if there is a bomb attack going on!

Immediately we see 4 helicopters just taking off with direction toward Stockholm, from Colorado/USA, Mississippi/USA, Sidney/Australia, New Zealand, on board 4 hydrogen bombs, 20 kilo,15 kilo,8 kilo,8 kilo.

We see there are totally 14 alien terrorists on board, 4 bomb experts and 10 from the alien organization M.P, which are quite known in the world.

The terrorists are no longer a threat, the sky-army, the 8 angels, team, have captured them!

Right now are the 8 angels, the army , team, stopping the production of 4 nuclear bombs

You can help with prayers.

Dear Lord, please protect against alien terrorists, dear Lord help us. Amen


House of the rising sun-The Animals

His passionate, suffering voice has sometimes saved us against troublesome aliens. His song has killed about 40 aliens in 20 seconds.
I wonder what the singer has to say about that?

love/Lahealila,team, sky-army, 8 angels.