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1168 trillion, 1168 000 000 000 000 visits/very last 24 hours.
1273 trillion, 1273 000 000 000 000 visits/very last 7 days.

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I have done a new fun list with latest statistics!
Congratulations USA and China! with incredible 2,4 million cars and 1,7 million cars lining up for rebuilding into ethanol powered cars!
The nature is so thankful!

Värmdö, Stockholm

The score right now, in rebuilding petrol cars into ethanol powered cars,since oct 7, 2021, when I first wrote about it.
Congratulations world!

1. USA 175 334 rebuilt cars, with 2,43 million cars lining up.
2. China 170 883 rebuilt cars, with 1,71 million cars lining up.
3. Russia 79 119 rebuilt cars, with 53 000 cars lining up.
4. United Kingdom 79 016 rebuilt cars, with 73 600 cars lining up.
5. Japan 9037 rebuilt cars, with 15 000 cars lining up.
6. Brazil 8470 rebuilt cars, with 9000 cars lining up.
7. Ukraine 5479 rebuilt cars, with 947 cars lining up.
8. Australia 3919 rebuilt cars, with 7000 cars lining up.
9. Argentina 3412 rebuilt cars, with 6500 cars lining up.

10. Germany 2636 rebuilt cars, with 4500 cars lining up.
11. Canada 2623 rebuilt cars, with 6000 cars lining up.
12. Ireland 2379 rebuilt cars, with 8500 cars lining up.
13. France 2004 rebuilt cars, with 15 000 cars lining up.
14. Mexico 1976 rebuilt cars, with 5500 cars lining up.
15. Sweden 1898 rebuilt cars, with 4675 cars lining up.
16. Italy 1753 rebuilt cars, with 520 cars lining up.
17. Spain 1404 rebuilt cars, with 5000 cars lining up.
18. Indonesia 1275 rebuilt cars, with 2000 cars lining up.

19. Denmark 1150 rebuilt cars, with 2800 cars lining up.
20. Philippines 1050 rebuilt cars, with 1400 cars lining up.
21. India 955 rebuilt cars, with 8407 cars lining up.
22. Finland 940 rebuilt cars, with 1060 cars lining up.
23. Monaco 880 rebuilt cars, with 1400 cars lining up.
24. Switzerland 705 rebuilt cars, with 2500 cars lining up.
25. Iceland 607 rebuilt cars, with 2000 cars lining up.
26. South Africa 584 rebuilt cars, with 4000 cars lining up.

27. Iraq 545 rebuilt cars, with 210 cars lining up.
28. Iran 522 rebuilt cars, with 6000 cars lining up.
29. Korea 513 rebuilt cars, with 500 cars lining up.
30. Norway 380 rebuilt cars, with 4 cars lining up.
31. Netherlands 216 rebuilt cars, with 2 lining up.
32. Poland 152 rebuilt cars, with 4 cars lining up.

It maybe looks like a photo competition, but it’s not. It’s our top 5 countries on the list above!

Great wall of China
Wild tigers, Siberia, Russia. The son to his father “Can I eat this white?” The father “Yes you can eat it, it melts in your stomach, it’s like water then”
Neist Point, United Kingdom

The best car fuel for the planet
The first invented car was run on ethanol, totally without car exhaust. It’s more benefits, it’s easier to drive than a car on petrol, accelerates faster than a car on petrol, it’s easier to turn than a car on petrol, low price.
Ethanol is on the market – right now 75% lower price than petrol.
Your old car can easily transform to an ethanol powered car, by a specialist in rebuilding cars into ethanol powered cars. The car rebuild can take between 2-6 hours, for tracks 4-10 hours.
Remember were you read it first.

A whiter shade of pale – Procol Harum

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The virus has spoken again

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102 trillion, 102 740 000 000 000 visits/very last 24 hours.
134 trillion, 134 420 000 000 000 visits/very last 7 days.

100% clear vision


The other day the virus, covid-19, was spoken to us again.
The virus has a higher meaning.
The first thing the virus does when it gets in touch with a person is to detect the person’s karma.

98,1% of the deaths, worldwide, in covid-19 are aliens.
The totally deaths of covid-19 are 2,31 million, worldwide.

The virus’, covid-19, own words: We want the best for our galaxy and the whole universe, we are working with God.
Our goal is to kill many of the worst aliens.
We are a sort of kind virus with a lot of intelligence.
We go through the body and look after their worst behavior, then we/the virus talk how to act our best, and that depends on how bad the person is.
We wants the best for everyone, the best is if everyone stays where they first became creatures. All creatures have their own galaxies to be on.
Don’t be sad if someone older from our galaxy would passed away, they will continue to live on this galaxy. But if a alien dies in covid-19 will they not wake up in heaven either, because they belong to another galaxy. After a while will they passed away as a smaller energy to their own galaxy.
We must continue our mission. We work hard.
God luck with your own work. We love you for taking time to talk with us/the virus.
Take care now/the virus, covid-19

50 million aliens died when this circus artist raised his hands in Denver, Colorado/USA.

Please, continue with prayers/raise up hands.

Rivers of Babylon – Boney M


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now increased to 78% black holes

publish 15.58 swedish time

clear vision
latest news
still supported astral by the priest from 112 on duty (911/USA)
and now 5 sky-police horses.


Now we also are supported by 5 sky-police horses that me/Lahealila rescue from captivity by some men from andromeda-galaxy who kept the horses in captivity in narrow horseboxes at our galaxy after stolen them from 5 sky-police stations above USA.

high archangel horses
high archangel horses

presence now

For a few minits ago increased the sky surface to 78% of black holes at the andromeda-galaxy.

Now its 1202 black holes at the sky surface at andromeda-galaxy, and its shaking even more of movements of elimination, this is happening because of their behavoir against other galaxies
Andromeda-galaxy is located near to our galaxy milkyway.

Please pray for protection for body and life and animals at our galaxy milkyway and that our galaxy not shall be affected by annihilation movements from andromeda-galaxy, and that our galaxy´s zones shall remain closed against andromeda galaxy.

You’ll Be In My Heart – Phil Collins

love/Lahealila/team, priest, police-horses, animals,