Help from above

publish 06.20 timezone Stockholm

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100% clear vision


a hectic night…..

Around 02.00/Swedish time” this night were 4 helicopters flying around above Stockholm, one helicopter still are. The helicopters took off from Colorado Springs/USA with visible nuclear bombs,3-4 kilo, under the helicopters.

The crew were totally 14 aliens from the known organization M.P.

The helicopters were photographed by 14 people and seen by 50 people. 12 of them have sent photos of the helicopters with visible nuclear bombs to 4 different newsrooms in USA and Canada.

3 helicopters were taken by 9 angels, sky-army, team, sea-souls by Lushan/China. They are working hard, thank you all so much!

The last helicopter that was until now flying above Stockholm, are now parked on a roof near my building/Stockholm. 2 in the crew are walking around in my neighbourhood and 2 are in the parked helicopter. A busy night…..

You can help with prayers. Thank you all for your prayers, about 100 troublesome/dangerous aliens have died lately because of your prayers.

Dear Lord, please protect the earth and heaven against alien terrorists, dear Lord help us. Amen

Colorado Springs,USA



Love/Lahealila,team, sky-army, 9 angels