37 more free stars

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Publish 03.57 timezone Stockholm
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Hi, how you been?

It’s wonderful that the latest 24 hours have bring out 37 more stars, big suns from the big black hole at the south border at andromeda galaxy. It’s because of the new era!
Our dear friend, the white mooose/human angel came by and wanted me to write again what he said on my blog February 27, 2022.

The white moose/the angel have something to say: I wants to speake about the importants of peace in all level right now, it’s the new era, don’t forget that.
Thousands of stars have slipped out from the big black hole at the border on andromeda galaxy, and that means much higher energy in the whole cosmos.
Take care!
Youre dear friend/ex. white moose, human angel.

Photo Mars-2022, Gothenburg,Sweden

Satellite photo of our planet earth, it loves you…but needs protection.


Imagine – John Lennon

Photo Mars-2022, Viking God, Djurgårds bridge,Stockholm

Have a nice day or nice evening, depending on where you are located.

Love and peace/Lahealila,team,cobra,lions