Intrusion spaceships

publish 05.41 timezone Stockholm

42,4 trillion, 42 472 000 000 000 visits/very last 24 hours.
60,2 trillion, 60 246 000 000 000 visits/very last 7 days.

100% clear vision


We have shorter days in Sweden now when it’s winter, today 08.42/timezone Stockholm it was sunrise, and sunset already 14.47, only 6 hours daylight.

Wind turbines in Sweden. Right now are Sweden building up many wind turbines. Sweden is biggest in Europe in wind power. We hope that the whole world will choose wind power and solar cells instead of nuclear power plants, coal power plants and other dangerous energy sources. The living Earth soul are with us in this.

We have problem with several incoming spaceships from Messier 32 galaxy. Yesterday took Sea-God, sky-army, sea-angels and I/Lahealila care of 20 spaceships, and today 12 spaceships, onboard on every spaceships were 37-82 aliens.

Dear Lord, please protect the earth and heaven against alien intruders and alien terrorists, dear Lord help us. Amen

Great result all over the world with prayers and raising up hands!

In Colorado Springs/USA died totally 178 alien terrorists the latest 3 1/2 days, they serial-died between 8-27 times. All belonged to the known “alien terrorists” organization M.P.
There of, 47 alien terrorists died because of prayers/raising up hands of people living in Colorado Springs, 57 died because of 2 men from France went astral to Colorado Springs and were raising up hands, 40 died because I/Lahealila raised up my hands, 34 died because of extra evil thoughts,
Thanks you so much everyone for prayers/raising up hands in Colorado Springs, but still there are some alien terrorists down in Colorado Springs/USA.

32 alien helicopters have been taking by Sea-God with sea-angels, sky-army, I/Lahealila above Stockholm, the latest 3 1/2 days. All helicopters took off from Colorado Springs.
We hope you please, will continue to help with prayers and raising up hands.

62,79 millions milliards trillion, 62 790 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 fallen aliens have died on our galaxy the latest 3 1/2 days, because of everybody’s prayers/raising up hands.
We are so thankful that so many people all over the globe are joining this. But still it needs prayers/raising up hands.
Please continue to raise up your hands for the galaxy!

50 million fallen aliens died when this person raised his hands/USA

Christmas (Baby, please come home) – U2


Have a really nice weekend!

Love/Lahealila, team, sky-army, sea-angels, seawave-angels, Sea-God